Backless Wedding Dress – a Romantic and Sensual Look

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The details will help to make even the most modest look sensual and sexy. A backless wedding dress can be of different styles. A gown with such detail will attract everyone’s attention to your beautiful figure and hide imperfections. Any silhouette you choose will highlight your natural sensuality by showing your back. And no hint of vulgarity.

The details will help to make even the most modest look sensual and sexy. A backless wedding dress can be of different styles. A gown with such detail will attract everyone’s attention to your beautiful figure and hide imperfections. Any silhouette you choose will highlight your natural sensuality by showing your back. And no hint of vulgarity.

Backless Dresses — a Wide Selection of Styles from a Famous Brand

Tina Valerdi — is a famous brand that creates exclusive wedding dresses. It offers a wide choice of backless designs.

Our website offers the following backless wedding dresses designs:

  • June — is a fitted dress with puffed sleeves. An open back in this modest style highlights the natural femininity and sensuality of a bride. The gown fits perfectly. Puffed sleeves are made from light fabric so that the outfit doesn’t look heavy. With this gown, you can highlight all the perfections nature gave you and, at the same time, you won’t look provocative.
  • Sheila — this style is perfect for daring, easy girls who don’t like to hide their feelings. A sexy outfit allows to highlight all the curves of a flawless body. With a long slit opening a tender leg, V-neck in an unexpected place (under the arm), and a slightly open back, designers managed to create a unique wedding dress style. There is no doubt that stylish ladies who follow fashion trends will like an eye-catching, sophisticated outfit.
  • Avery — a luxurious, richly decorated style with a V-cut on the back features the handmade embroidered elements. In such a dress, you will become a vision of beauty and elegance. A feminine and, at the same time, a modest gown will be perfect for a wedding ceremony in a church or a less official atmosphere.
  • Feith — a light, embellished with a floral pattern dress, with lingerie showing through will be perfect for a beach wedding. The outfit doesn’t hinder movements. You will feel free and comfy even in hot weather.
  • Daria — a style created from a light fabric. A puffed skirt with a long train adds a luxurious note to the look; a plunging neckline and an open back help to highlight the natural sexuality and femininity of a bride.
  • Vera — rich décor in the form of elegant embroidery which embellishes the top of the dress together with a puffy skirt made from light, flowing fabric allows to create a gown of a real princess. A bright, luxurious look will reveal your refined taste. The dress, that won’t hinder your movements and will highlight the perfections of your body, will be the gem of the celebration and is perfect for any wedding venue – in a pretentious restaurant or on the beach in a family circle.
  • Gaia — a charming luxury in every detail. A sophisticated design with notes of reserve elegance accentuates the innocence of a bride. To make an outfit less reserved, the designers used several elements – a flirty basque, transparent insets with sophisticated embroidery on the sleeves, an open back covered with a transparent fabric decorated with incredibly beautiful buttons. The sensual and, at the same time, delicate look of a young lady will be appropriate for a church ceremony as well as for a restaurant.

Backless dresses are represented in the lines Marry Line, Tina Valerdi, Maks Mariano. Each collection has its peculiarities:

  • Maks Mariano — luxurious, elegant dresses of real queens on the celebration of life. You will shine in outfits embellished with rich décor, created from the fabrics which sparkle in the sun. Exclusive styles look expensive and reveal a bride’s refined taste.
  • Marry Line — this line offers gowns for girls who would like to highlight their individuality and sense of style. A wide choice of styles represented with feminine silhouettes such as mermaid, ball gown, column, Greek will allow you to find a dress taking into consideration the peculiarities of your figure.
  • Tina Valerdi — a collection of light styles that don’t hinder movements and often feature tulle or mesh of high quality. The dresses are notable for their sophisticated, modern design. Rich applique and embroidery décor accentuate the elegant luxury of the gowns. Daring backless styles with a plunging neckline are chosen by confident girls who want to show their sexuality.

New dresses are constantly added to the collections of luxurious, modern gowns. Photos of unique and beautiful wedding dresses are available at the website We create exclusive dresses from the best fabric. Even the modest girl will feel like a real queen in a backless dress from Tina Valerdi.

Choosing a Backless Dress for Your Body Type

To pick up the right dress, you should consult with a professional. Tina Valerdi is a manufacturer of elegant, exclusive gowns. Managers of Tina Valerdi showroom will help you to find a perfect wedding dress in which you will feel like a real queen.

When choosing a dress silhouette, you should consider a bride’s body type:

  • Hourglass body type (narrow waist; hip, and bust measurements equal in size) — any dress silhouette will look flawless, including a column dress, on such a figure.
  • Apple-shaped body (waist, hip, and bust measurements equal in size with a smooth transition) — a dress with a full skirt will highlight the beautiful figure. Modern choices: baby doll, ball gown, dior.   
  • Pear-shaped figure (narrow shoulders, wide hips) — A-line silhouette is a perfect choice.
  • Rectangular body shape (bust, waist, and hips of similar width, with not so many curves) — you can be sure to choose a Greek dress for this body type.
  • Inverted triangle body type  (broader shoulders than the hips) — mermaid, flamenco, and other similar silhouettes will fit perfectly.

Tulip, Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood, column, shirt dress styles — it’s hard not to lose your head among such a wide range of modern backless wedding dresses. When choosing a dress, you should consider experts’ advice and the peculiarities of a body type. But remember that the best way to find a dress is to try it on. Representatives of Tina Valerdi will be happy to assist you in choosing a wedding dress style and in dress alteration if needed.

What is the Most Suitable Fabric to Make a Backless Wedding Dress

In fact, there are no limits in choosing fabric for a wedding dress. Moreover, designers often use a combination of materials when creating styles with unique designs. Craft professionals can add various decorations to luxurious satin dresses: lace, texture openwork lace, semi-transparent insets. A sophisticated shine of fabric can be accentuated with embroidery and glass beads. The following materials can be used to create wedding dresses of unique beauty and design:

  • Tulle — light, semi-transparent fabric which is mostly used for gowns of classic style. Tulle is great to create a volume when used in several layers.
  • Silk — an expensive and incredibly beautiful fabric. An experienced master can turn this fabric into a wedding fashion masterpiece. But it must be kept in mind that smooth and shiny material can make a bride look fuller. It is extremely important to choose the right silhouette for a bride’s body type.
  • Chiffon — is mostly used for decoration. The fabric is very light, almost weightless. The price isn’t high.
  • Guipure lace — synthetic yarn is used for the production of this fabric. It provides a higher strength of the material. Guipure lace with twigs and leaves pattern has been used to make wedding gowns in the 16th century. Modern fabric may be embellished with different patterns, but the floral motif is still the leading one.
  • Velour — is incredibly beautiful, soft, luxurious fabric. However, it is rarely used for backless wedding dresses. More often the fabric is used to make gowns for winter ceremonies or evening dresses. Accessories and décor must not be excessive. Such fabric looks smart without any additional embellishment.
  • Sateen — the fabric usually made using synthetic or cotton yarn. The material is noticeable for its high strength. Sateen made from synthetic yarn is shiny and silky and is almost wrinkle-free. Dress from this fabric is often decorated with embroidery.
  • Crepe — is made using both natural or synthetic yarn, so a light or heavy material can be produced. It is almost wrinkle-free, and this feature allows you to use it for various styles. It looks fabulous with accessories and lace.
  • Organza — a thin, transparent, but wiry cloth made from polyester, viscose, or silk by twisting the yarn. The material holds its shape, which allows using it for wedding gowns decoration. Organza attracts attention and fascinates with the play of light and shade in the wrinkles and creases, as well as the play of color overtones in drapes. The material is perfect for puffy ruffles, trimming, and sleeves, volume volants, high collars, and a petticoat, which holds its shape.
  • Taffeta — is characterized by a wiry, shiny surface. The main advantage of the material is that it is wrinkle-free. Earlier, it was used to make hats and cord dresses. Nowadays, dresses for summer or winter weddings are made from this fabric. Taffeta gowns are often decorated with glass beads, lace, silk mesh.
  • Brocade — is luxurious, expensive-looking fabric, which is used to make wedding dresses for winter ceremonies. This heavy and close material will keep you warm in the cold.

There are several types of wedding dress fabric according to the texture: natural or synthetic (mixed), shiny, matted, light-reflecting.

Backless Wedding Dresses from a Famous Brand — Main Advantages of Products

A cutout on the back can have the weirdest shapes depending on a designer’s idea, peculiarities of a bride’s figure, and her preferences. Our catalog offers a large selection of styles that can satisfy the pickiest clients.

Advantages of our products we are proud of:

  • Every backless dress is created from exclusive, luxurious, and pleasant to the touch fabric.       
  • Craftswomen work carefully on every stitch of embroidery, creating handmade masterpieces of unique beauty.
  • All gowns comply with international standards, which indicate the high quality of products.

Another advantage of wedding gowns presented on is an affordable price. Taking advantage of our offer, you will be able to purchase a luxurious dress made with premium fabric and an exclusive design at a favorable price.


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