Beach Wedding Dress is a Fabulous Outfit for a Sea Nymph

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The collection of wedding dresses features a wide range of designs, styles, colors, and lengths. 

Light, flowy fabrics and a loose fit - this is the way many future brides imagine a beach wedding dress. The chosen ceremony location proves that the young couple would like to celebrate the event in a casual atmosphere. Usually, only close people are invited. Therefore, the clothes may be less official. Tina Valerdi beach wedding dresses are an affordable luxury, combination of comfort and style, high quality and reasonable prices. The collection of wedding dresses features a wide range of designs, styles, colors, and lengths. 

How to choose a dress for a beach wedding

Each season designers invent new dress models for official ceremonies. New items are constantly added to breathtaking, beautiful Tina Valerdi collections. It’s hard not to get lost in such a variety of models, styles, and designer decisions.

When choosing a wedding dress for a beach ceremony, consider the following:

  1. Design of the gown: A-silhouette (elegant shortcut variant), Greek look (will suit any figure, great choice for pregnant brides because a high waistline helps to hide a baby bump), lingerie-style dress, crop top, backless designs. Select a dress which suits your taste. Remember, the best choice is the one, which accentuates your figure.
  2. Dress length:
  • Daring, slim girls choose short models. Such an outfit will accentuate slender legs. It is comfortable and practical; it won’t get dirty. Even if you walk into the water for the photoshoot, the dress won’t get wet; and you will have amazing pictures. If the mini dress is too simple for you, go for a gown, which combines both lengths. A good example of such a design type is the following dress models: Tina Valerdi Lika, Constance, Tina.
  • Tea-length gowns are perfect for girls with any body type. It is the most comfortable length, which allows one to enjoy the celebration. Tina Valerdi collection offers several choices of such dresses: Selena, Vienna, Denise, Terri.
  • Floor length dresses are a traditional brides’ choice. But an open back, daring neckline, transparent material is what differs a beach wedding dress from a usual classic dress. Also, designers suggest not to choose dresses with a heavy bottom. Classic-style, trendy, luxury dresses, which allow free movement – that is all about dresses from the collections Tina Valerdi Doris, Sheila, and others.
  1. Fabric for the gown. Try to avoid too dense fabrics. Choose light, breathable, comfortable materials: chiffon, lace, silk, cotton, linen, organza. When creating outfits, designers took into consideration the environmental conditions of the beach wedding ceremony. That is why Tina Valerdi dresses are made from light, airy materials that make you feel comfortable even in the hottest weather. We suggest you not pick gowns with puffy multilayered skirts, long trains. Choose short sleeves models, dresses with straps, or even strapless gowns

A friendly, relaxed atmosphere presupposes casualty in the clothes. This is one of the advantages of a beach wedding. You can buy a beach minimalistic-style wedding dress made from inexpensive, light fabrics.


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