Best styles of wedding dresses for short brides

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Short brides often get confused when they start to look for a perfect wedding gown. They look through magazines and websites and see stunning styles on skinny and tall models.

At this point, petite newlyweds get anxious and think: what type of wedding dress suits me best and how can I look taller?

Fortunately, there is nothing to be worried about. Short women have many advantages and benefits. They look delicate and fragile. Any man regardless of his physique feels strong and masculine with the petite bride. It is important to find the right silhouette and cut of bridal wear that will emphasize the benefits and diminish the demerits.

If you want to find a perfectly fitting wedding dress that makes you look taller, use these general tips for short people:

  1. High heels. This is the most simple way to boost up your height and feel more confident on your wedding day. But remember, the higher the better principle works only for those newlyweds who are used to walking on the stiletto heels. If you are not one of them, do not overestimate your abilities. You will spend the whole day on feet and you should better be comfortable. Choose shoes with a middle heel height and wear them a few times around the house to get used to walking in the new pair. Consider having a second more comfortable pair, you can wear after the photoshoot. 
  2. Stay monochrome. Pick wedding gowns made from the same plain material and without any contrasting details. Choose smooth fabrics. This will help to visually elongate your stature and create a vertical line. Dresses with bright floral ornaments or color block designs are not the best choice for petite brides.
  3. Avoid horizontal stripes. Vertical pleats on the skirt, vertical stitching on the bodice, and a long line of buttons on the back create a flattering silhouette and make you look taller. If you want to have a thin belt or a ribbon on your waistline, choose the same color pattern, not the contrasting one.
  4. Choose high waisted designs. The high waisted dresses make your legs look longer and as a result, you look taller. You can choose an empire wedding dress with a soft and lightweight skirt. This is the ideal variant for plus-size brides. The cut of the gown covers all imperfections and elongates the silhouettes. Slender petite brides can go for a stunning wedding attire that consists of a jumpsuit and a train. 
  5. Do not hide your beauty. Petite brides can look stunning in different styles of wedding dresses, but the dramatic ball gown is not one of them. Full skirt, heavy crinolines, and lots of material and decoration will make you look wide and stumpy. Look for a slimmer silhouette, that will not hide your delicate figure. Avoid models with puffy shoulders and voluminous decor, they will create a disproportion and make you look boxy. 
  6. The length matters. Petite women have different proportions: narrow shoulders, small frame, shorter hight. You will have to visit more fittings and wait for more alterations if you want your dress to fit like a glove. The hem of the dress must end right above the ground and cover your shoes. An alternative variant is choosing a low-high cut, that accentuates slender legs. Short brides should avoid long trains and chapel-length veils. They will make you look shorter. 

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Ideal wedding dresses for short brides

Petite brides will look stunning and beautiful on the wedding day if they choose an A-line dress. This is a good alternative for short women, who would like to wear a ball gown but can not afford it because of the height. The bodice of the attire is fitted and flattering, and the skirt is quite voluminous but not overwhelming. The A-line dresses often feature vertical seams, that make you look taller. 

Petite brides can choose a strapless dress or a model with sleeves. But you have to pay attention to the sleeve length. It has to be perfect for you, otherwise, you will as if you are wearing someone else’s dress. V-necks are also flattering and visually elongate the silhouette. If you want to add some volume to your chest area, choose dresses with a sweetheart neckline.

One more good option for petite brides is a mermaid dress. It is quite fitted and restricting. The bodice hugs the curves closely and flares into a full skit at the knee level. If you wanna look stunning, choose a strapless model, and show off your collarbones and shoulders. For those brides who like the silhouette but want to feel more comfortable on their wedding day, the trumpet gown is a perfect choice.  It has the same shape, but more gradual. 

High waisted designs, such as empire, cover all the imperfections and elongate the figure. They have a distinct waistline right below the bust and a lightweight flowy skirt. Pay attention to plain models without heavy decor. They will look elegant and sophisticated. 

A sheath wedding dress is also appropriate for petite brides. Choose models with a defined waistline. It has to fit you perfectly and hit just above the natural waistline to make the legs look longer. The cut of the dress creates a vertical line and makes you look taller. 

Short women can choose dresses with lace avoiding large patterns. The decor, such as embroidery and beadwork, has to be delicate and subtle. Otherwise, it will look overwhelming and lavish. The wedding veil is also an important part of the bridal look. Petite women should choose them carefully. The best variants are a birdcage, a blusher, an elbow, or a fingertip length veils. The longer once will look bulky.

Petite brides should be prepared and understand that unless they choose a dress from a range designed especially for short women, they will have to make more alterations and visit more fittings. Choosing the right cut is key to a smooth process because it is much easier to hem the skirt than to take in the bodice. Short newlyweds should choose minimalistic, classy, and plain dresses. Elaborate gowns with lavish decor will make you look shorter and wider. In dresses with clean lines and classy cut petite women will look their best and feel comfortable.

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