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If you want to have a flawless and pleasant experience of wedding shopping, you need to be well prepared. The world of bridal fashion seems glitzy and glamorous from the outside, but once you are in, you realize that it is not as joyful as you expected. But do not worry, it is up to you to choose whether it is going to be a memorable and special part of the preparation or an exhausting and heavy burden. In this article, you will find the best wedding dress shopping tips that can help you find your perfect attire for the celebration.

Every newlywed wants to look perfect at the nuptials. And it does not matter whether you have been keeping magazine clippings since you were a kid, creating mood boards on Pinterest, and looking for inspiration from celebrities. A wedding dress is a very special piece of garment, that you wear and try on only a few times in your life. Moreover, this is one of the most expensive purchases of clothing you will ever make. Your wedding photos will keep precious memories for the rest of your life. That is why looking for your perfect wedding dress can be a taught and stressful experience. 

Before you set an appointment in the bridal salon, do your homework and prepare for the battle. Trying on different dresses for hours can exhaust you, that is why you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Every bride is special and her vision of “perfect” is unique. Some newlyweds want to wear a classic ball gown and feel like a princess. Others prefer clean lines and architectural cut. A wedding dress reflects the personality, style, preferences, and vision of beauty. With the help of these tips, you will find the one dress, that will make you smile in 20 years when you look through your wedding album. 

Wedding dress shopping tips to keep in mind

It is hard to believe, but shopping can be stressful. The fuzz, huge choice of stunning attires, advice, and third party opinions can confuse even the most purposeful brides. And if you are limited in time and have to make a choice as quickly as possible, the level of stress will make you forget that you are preparing for the happiest day of your life. Use these tips to stay focused and confident when shopping for your wedding dress:

  1. Set the schedule. We all know that spontaneous purchases are usually a hit or miss. And you definitely do not want it to be a miss. Remember that there is no time too early to start looking for the wedding gown. If you have enough time in advance, start your search 9‒12 months before the actual celebration date. Usually, dresses take 4 to 6 months to be made, and if you opt for attire with a lot of hand-made embellishment and decor, it can take even longer. Beyond that, there is time for shipping. As all bodies are different, you will likely need to make some alterations with a seamstress to get the perfect fit. If you do not have so much time, you can search for bridal salons or designers, that offer rush services, but be prepared to pay some extra. You also have the option of buying a sample dress with a discount, but you will have to take it to dry cleaning.
  2. Set the budget. You have to be realistic about what kind of dresses you can afford and which once are not for you. There is nothing to be upset or worried about. You can find your dream attire in a local store or choose a masterpiece from a famous designer. It does not matter as long as you are happy and content with your choice. Most of your guests, except for the closest ones, will not have a clue about what you are wearing. It is ok if you want to have a wedding dress from a particular brand or designer. In this case, you need to find out is there a retailer nearby that works with the brand and inquire the shipping information. One more important tip ― do not try on dresses, that you can not afford. This can ruin the experience and spoil the mood. If you see how beautifully the dress looks on you, all the other variants immediately become drab in your eyes. Bridal assistants say that there is a rule of 5%. The price of your wedding dress (with all additional spendings such as alterations, shoes, and accessories) should be 5% of the whole wedding celebration budget. It is a recommendation, which can be neglected in some circumstances. For example, the newlyweds do not have to buy a new wedding ring, because they have a family heirloom they can use. In this case, they can spend a bit more on the wedding dress. 
  3. Choose the venue. The venue of the celebration defines the mood and stylistics of the nuptials. If you are planning a relaxed ceremony on the beach, a sparkling ball gown or restricting mermaid dress with a train will be inappropriate. At the same time, if the celebration takes place somewhere in a hot climate, you need to take care of your comfort. Forget about dresses with long sleeves and a demure neckline. You need something light, minimalistic, and comfortable. The context is very important and it is vital to feeling comfortable in the wedding dress, especially if you are not planning to change outfits during the celebration. 
  4. Set an appointment in a bridal salon. You may have imagined how you tried on all the dresses in different wedding salons, but you need to be realistic. The process of searching is very draining and you will feel exhausted at the end of the day. You need to choose bridal salons that appeal to you most. You need to consider the price point, the range, and the service. If you need a plus-size wedding dress, you need to contact the wedding salons and learn whether they have the required sizes in stock. When it comes to service, you should understand what is comfortable for you. Maybe you want a personal consultation and you do not want any other brides in the dressing room. To speak the same language with the assistant you need to learn special vocabulary and know the names of the silhouettes and different types of fabric. If you do not have much time, drop in the bridal store before the actual appointment to look around, see, and feel dresses in person. Many of the gowns that you liked in the picture can turn up being very heavy or scratchy. Make sure that you get all the useful information during your appointment. Aks how long it takes for the dress to be made, how is shipping organized, do they offer in-house alterations. 

Wedding dress shopping tips: how to pick the right attire

After you have decided on the date, set the budget and venue, planned your appointment in the bridal salon, it is time to think about your perfect dress. Your main task is to narrow down the choice of dresses. This will help you be more focused, purposeful, and do not waste precious time. You will avoid stress and second-guessing if you know exactly what styles and silhouettes of wedding dresses suit your body type. 

To choose a flattering style of wedding dress you have to remember about proportions. Choose silhouettes, that emphasize your benefits and hide the imperfections. If you are an apple, it means that you have a bigger bust and belly as well as narrow hips and lean legs. The perfect variant for you is dresses with the voluminous lower part and restricting bodice. They accentuate the waistline, give definition to your feminine upper part, and give the lacking volume at the bottom. If you want to hide drabby hands, opt for dresses with long, three quarter or butterfly sleeves. Avoid any details that can draw attention to your upper part. The best choices are classic ball gowns, A-line dresses, and empire. A deep V-neck, plunge, or a sweetheart necklace look good on apple-shaped brides. But remember that fuller bust needs secure support. 

If you are pear and you have curvy hips and narrow upper part, choose ball gown, trumpet, or A-line silhouettes. They will hide the heavier bottom part. Boat neckline, sweetheart necklace, asymmetric top or gowns with puffy sleeves will balance the narrow shoulders and help you look more proportional. If you are comfortable with your body and want to show off your curves, consider wearing a mermaid. This silhouette tightly hugs the body and looks stunning.

There are no limits for brides with hourglass body shape. Their body is proportional and balanced, with equally wide bust and hips. All the styles of wedding dresses look good on an hourglass body type, but mermaid and fit and flare silhouettes are show stoppers. As this body type is well balanced, you need to be careful with any bold elements, such as voluminous skirts or puffy sleeves. They can easily ruin the proportions. 

Petite brides should look for silhouettes and lines that make them look taller. The most flattering variants are a high waisted empire, a mermaid, an A-line. Avoid thick horizontal stripes, because they will make you look shorter and wider. Statement decorative elements will also look incongruous on your small frame. The hem of your dress should cover the shoes and end just above the floor. This will make you look taller.

Brides with rectangular body shape lack definition around the waist area. They have relatively equal bust, waist, and hips measurements. That is why they should choose wedding gowns, that create a feminine silhouette and have fitted bodice and a fuller skirt. Such styles as column or empire can make them look featureless. Attires with corset will create a balanced and flattering shape.

You must be well-prepared for your appointment in the bridal salon. Save pictures with dresses you are looking for and think of the main features you want to see in your perfect attire. This will help the bridal stylist to understand you better. Ask a few close women to accompany you for an honest third party opinion. Trust your bridal consultant, stay flexible and you will stay satisfied with your wedding shopping experience.

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