Best wedding dresses for plus-size apple-shaped women

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Each wedding ceremony is a special and memorable occasion. The bride is at the center. Her dress, makeup, and accessories will be discussed by guests long after the event takes place.

Wedding preparations are a pleasant and unforgettable experience, but they can be darkened by stress and doubt. The future couple has to think of the venue, general style of the ceremony, guest list, and attire for the bride and the groom. Each fiancé is unique and beautiful in her own way. On a special day, she needs to feel confident and comfortable. The perfect wedding gown has to suit her body type and complexion, as well as reflect her style and personality.

There are so many gorgeous wedding dresses and different styles on the market that it is easy to get overwhelmed and start second-guessing. To avoid this confusion, brides should do research and narrow down their choices. This will help save time and maintain a good mood. The easiest way to exclude unflattering variants is to choose dresses that suit your body type.

If your shoulders, breasts, and torso are wider than your thighs and hips, you are apple-shaped. Your upper body looks bigger than the lower, and wedding attire has to visually balance this disproportion. Women with this body type are usually in-between sizes. It is hard to find clothes that perfectly fit the whole body. Apple-shaped brides will likely require a few more fittings and alterations, but the result is worth it.

Best wedding dresses for plus-size apple-shape brides

Plus-size brides with an apple body type are well-proportioned. They have a gorgeous big bust but lack definition at the waistline. If you are apple-shaped, choose dresses that create balance. These silhouettes are the best wedding dresses for plus-size apple-shaped fiancés:

  • An A-line wedding gown or a princess line gown. This silhouette, especially with a paneled corset, supports the bust and creates a subtle curve. Choose variants with a short bodice that ends exactly at the waistline. Models with a longer corsage can emphasize the tummy area and make it look bulgy. That is why the mermaid wedding dress is a tricky variant for plus-size brides. An A-line dress has a cascading, flowy skirt with a lot of movement to it. It can be ruched, pleated, or ruffled. This type of wedding dress creates balance and forms a feminine hourglass silhouette. It defines the waistline and gives enough volume to the hips.
  • A ball gown. This stunning model looks traditional and very solemn. You have a fitted bodice that supports the bust and cinches the waistline, and a full skirt that creates a dramatic transition and gives volume to the lower body.
  • An empire dress. This type of dress has a high waist and lightweight, flowy skirt. The cut of the gown flatters the bust and hides the tummy area. It also makes you look taller, which is good for petite brides. Plus-size apple-shaped brides should stay away from column dresses. They can emphasize disproportion and make the upper body look bigger.

Fiancés with apple-shaped bodies can pick dresses with V-necks and sweetheart necklines. They look flattering on the bigger bust. Dresses with wide straps give enough support and make broader shoulders look more delicate. Avoid off-the-shoulder designs, because they will make your torso look bigger. Choose plunging necklines that create vertical lines and draw attention to the bustline. Apple-shaped women should steer away from puffy sleeves, halter neckline, and lavish decor near the top of the dress. Everything that creates additional volume to your torso will increase the disproportion.

If you want to hide your arms, choose dresses with long sleeves. They can be simple or made of the thin lace, full or ¾ length. The only restriction is that they have to fit tightly. Another option is butterfly sleeves. They will hide the shoulders and arms, but the lightweight fabric won't create any additional volume.

You can choose dresses with a color-contrasting belt or ribbon at the waistline. Asymmetrical pleating and lace applique at the waist will look stylish and help to distract from the tummy area. This will draw additional attention to your cinched waist, emphasizing the hourglass look.

Apple-shaped brides can show off their slender legs. If you want to look sexier on your wedding day, choose a gown with a split. You can also opt for a high-low hem dress with a voluminous skirt.

Apple-shaped brides should remember that the right undergarment is key to a perfectly fitting wedding dress. On your special day, wear the same underwear you did during your fittings. Changing the undergarment will change the way your wedding gown fits. 

Wedding dresses for plus-size brides are usually more expensive. Designers use more fabric and decorative elements, which may increase the price. Though it may seem that finding a perfect wedding dress for a -plus-size apple shape women is a tough challenge, once you do your research you will see that there are many variants to choose from. Remember that you should emphasize your beneficial traits and draw attention away from things you don`t like. If you follow this simple rule, you will find your perfect wedding gown and feel confident in it.

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