Champagne Wedding Dress — a Combination of Elegance and Nature in One Shade

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The champagne color is a thin line between pompous gold, sweet vanilla, and neutral beige shades. It represents elegance, naturalness, charming delicacy of a woman, and joy of youth.

The champagne color is a thin line between pompous gold, sweet vanilla, and neutral beige shades. It represents elegance, naturalness, charming delicacy of a woman, and joy of youth. Champagne wedding dresses are for daring girls who love life. Tina Valerdi showroom offers different designs of gowns. There are no limits in using decorative elements. It will be easy to find a champagne wedding dress, which will meet your expectations and will fit you best.  

Seasonal color analysis will help to choose the right champagne wedding dress

Noble, aristocratic, elegant shade of champagne  won’t suit every girl. The color analysis will help when choosing a champagne wedding dress:

  • Girls with white skin shouldn’t choose a champagne gown. A bride will look pale in such a dress. The skin tone may even get a slightly blue shade.
  • Champagne color will be great on tanned skin. The contrast will emphasize the natural beauty of dark skin.
  • Girls with dark blond hair and brown-haired girls will also look good in a champagne dress if their skin isn’t too pale.

Don’t rush to give up on your dream if the champagne color doesn’t suit you. Tina Valerdi showroom experts will help you to choose a wedding dress, which will make you feel like a real princess.

Champagne wedding dresses — a wide range of decor

When choosing a dress, pay attention to the details. Sometimes, a unique embellishment will complete a simple design and turn a dress into a real masterpiece. Short dresses with a long train or sheath dresses decorated with elegant lace insets fascinate and make a dress look luxurious. Designers consider that lace reveals champagne color, which helps to create a sensitive look and accentuates a girl’s femininity. That is the reason why lace in the form of elegant embroidery is often used to decorate the top. Also, champagne wedding dresses are often embellished with crystals, beads, organza, chiffon. Organza creates a charming shimmer. While satin and silk shimmer in the light. Brocade fabrics will be perfect for those who value luxury. A delicate guipure will add an elegant touch to the gown.

Usually, the color of a wedding dress presupposes the color of the ceremony. A champagne wedding is identified with elegance, luxury, and romantic mood. It is a neutral color that can be completed by other shades. Although when combining different shades, one should be careful and remember the following:

  • The clothes of the newlyweds and the decor of the venue should contain as few elements of white as possible.  
  • A perfect choice to match a champagne wedding dress will be a beige or brown suit for a groom. But remember to follow the rule: an outfit must be 2 tones darker than a bride’s gown.
  • When selecting flowers for a bridal bouquet, choose shades of pink and other calm shades. By adding greenery, you will add a bright and interesting touch. The champagne color looks great against shades of noble golden and brown. These colors may be used in the decoration of the wedding venue. 

 Don’t try to create a perfect look. It is not a photoshoot for a magazine cover, but the main event in your life, which will be an unforgettable experience. And may that experience be great. Let yourself be a princess in your dream dress, even if it breaks all the rules the designers have made. It is your life, your day, and your choice!


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