Classic wedding dress styles that are timeless

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Fashion changes dramatically and so do trends for wedding dresses. Every bride has to decide whether she wants to look fashionable or more traditional on her special day.

There are so many types of wedding dresses, and it’s easy to feel confused. If you want to find a gown that will look good in 20 years, choose from the classic wedding dress styles. They are timeless and will never go out of style. They have the perfect silhouette, which helps to emphasize one’s beautiful features and qualities. There is nothing more important than feeling confident, comfortable and special during your wedding ceremony.

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Before you go to a bridal salon, you should figure out which types of gowns you like, as well as which suit your body type and skin tone. Look for some silhouettes and designs online and save selected pictures. This will make the process of searching easier and more pleasant. The main tip is to search for pictures with models of your type. If you are busty, silhouettes that look good on flat-chested girls won’t be flattering on you.

Top 5 classic wedding gown styles

Here are the top 5 classic wedding dress styles you should pay attention to:

  1. A-line dress. This silhouette is classy and sophisticated. The bride looks elegant and chic in this type of gown, yet feels comfortable and can easily move around. The dress consists of a fitted bodice and a flare skirt that falls from the waist to the floor. There are many different types of neckline arrangements. You can consider an open cleavage with a V-neck dress if your marriage ceremony is planned for summer or takes place in hot climate. A long-sleeved variant will keep you warm in a late-autumn or winter wedding.

  2. Ball gown. This type of dress is very popular, because it looks stunning. It creates a beautiful silhouette and makes every bride feel like a princess. The ball gown consists of a tightly fitted bodice or corset and a dramatically full skirt. The volume of the lower part is created by crinoline and many layers of fabric. The only downside of this classic wedding dress style is its weight. The dress is heavy and at some points the bride needs help to cope with it. Many royals and top celebrities choose ball gowns for their wedding ceremonies.

  3. Trumpet. This wedding gown is fitted on top and flares out at the middle of thighs. The trumpet dress creates a beautiful hourglass shape, and contours the bust and waistline. This silhouette balances body curves and suits petite and tall brides. A trumpet dress is very comfortable and easy to move in. If you have a long torso, choose a gown with a decorated sash to accentuate the waistline. Trumpet dresses look good when they are made of lace as well as more structured fabriс.

  4. Sheath. Another name for this classic wedding style gown is column. This dress is narrow and goes straight from the top to the bottom. The slim shape of the dress adds length and follows natural body lines. Models with spaghetti straps made of silk look very minimalistic and chic. This is a perfect choice for a wedding ceremony in a hot climate or in the middle of summer. A sheath dress is an effortless and comfortable type of wedding dress. It requires less fabriс, and it’s light and easy to move in.

  5. Mermaid. It’s a sexy and daring wedding dress that gives a dramatic and bold shape. The dress fits closely to the bodice, waistline and hips, accentuating the curves and creating an hourglass silhouette. It flares out at the knee level, where the ruffled skirt starts. A mermaid dress looks stunning and suits both tall and petite brides. The only downside of this classic wedding gown style is that it’s uncomfortable and restricting. If you decide to choose this silhouette, you need to practice walking and moving in it.

Classic wedding dress styles: how to choose

You should feel confident and beautiful in your wedding dress. The best way to achieve this is to choose a classic wedding dress style that suits your body type. If you want to balance your body choose an A-line dress or a ball gown. These silhouettes have a fitted bodice and make waistlines look lean. Flared and voluminous skirts can hide curvy hips or create feminine lines for brides with athletic body types. To emphasise your hourglass shape choose dresses with a sash or beading on the waist. If you have a bottom heavy body type, avoid any lavish decor on your skirt, because it will visually add volume to your hips and thighs.

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If you are petite and want to look taller, choose the mermaid, trumpet or sheath silhouettes style of wedding dress. A fitted bodice and a long skirt create the effect of long legs. These styles are also great for tall and lean brides. Choose dresses with simple and clean lines with few details. This will emphasise your statuesque physique. Remember that open dresses that show more skin look less formal.



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