Current wedding dress trends for 2020: What's hot right now

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In 2020 fashion the old world is new again. Designers and wedding runway shows have been offering us classic bridal looks with new accents and forms.

We've seen a lot of bold embellishments, lavish decorations, pops of color and statement details. Fashion houses all over the world have been rethinking traditional silhouettes and searching for modern lines. They have set a different tone and created a new kind of bride: confident and sophisticated. She understands that it doesn't matter how gorgeous or minimalistic her gown looks. Her personality is what grabs everyone’s attention.

As a reaction to the minimalist trend in casual and everyday wear, wedding dresses this season look even more exaggerated and glamorous than usual. It doesn't matter whether you are planning a traditional marriage ceremony at a church with a walk down the aisle, a romantic formal event for those closest to you, or a relaxed beach affair. Your dress has to look stunning and feature some of the current wedding dress trends in 2020: lace, embroidery, ruffles, bows, bold decorations and volume.

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Top wedding dress trends in 2020

The influence of royal weddings has defined wedding fashion for the past decade. Iconic brides such as Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and Princess Eugenie have inspired designers to create regal and opulent gowns. Modest silhouettes with long sleeves and covered cleavage are on top right now. Wedding ball gowns are having a major moment. They are back on the runway after seasons of column dresses and A-line gowns.

The trend of high necks reminds us of the Victorian epoch. We have been seeing modest aesthetics with mock turtlenecks or more daring variants with plunging necklines. The latter gets almost to the navel level, but still looks appropriate even for traditional and formal ceremonies. Designers suggest adding tiaras, capes, exaggerated puff sleeves, and large ruffs to make the wedding gown look even more regal.

Capes are a wedding fashion staple. This season they come in new forms: playful cocktail capes with ruffles, sheer embellished coverings, simple coverlets, and long trains. All these variants work equally well with simple and dramatic silhouettes, as well as with long-sleeved and sleeveless wedding gowns. It's a simple and chic way to take your wedding look to the next level. Adding a weightless veil is another way to make your wedding outfit look extremely fashionable. This seasons veils are not an accent, they are part of the overall look. They make a statement and capture everyone's attention.

One more traditional wedding trend is tiers. This season they look less formal, heavy and classic. The new tiers are weightless and are used to add volume to a playful silhouette. The pleating creates confection-like attire, suitable for a gamine bride.

This opulent and traditional trend goes in opposition to minimalism with its clean lines and plane colors. Minimalistic wedding gowns have simple tailoring and no embellishment. They look modern due to contemporary cutouts and architectural elements. If you are ready to give up on lace, embroidery, exaggerated volume, tiers and long trains, choose a sleek and sophisticated minimalist wedding gown. Remember that, in the case of minimalism, it is all about the cut and fitting. Opt for structured fabric and impeccable tailoring.

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Wedding dress trends of 2020: it’s all about details

Wedding dress trends of 2020 suggest that you should forget about being shy. If you want to be considered a fashion-forward bride, choose a wedding gown with these elements:

  1. Flowers. Designers decorated dresses with oversized, lavish and three-dimensional flowers. Floral embellishments are traditional for wedding gowns, but this season they look completely different and very bold. Dresses for a marriage ceremony are covered with flower appliques, brocades, and hand-cut embroideries. Their main characteristic features are bold colors and texture. The more drama, the better.

  2. Feathers. Don’t be afraid to look frivolous with feathers on your wedding dress. This season, such decor can be used as an accent or a full head-to-toe look. Lightweight feathers add a touch of glamour to any look. If you are afraid to look too theatrical or dramatic, make sure you keep the rest of your look simple and ethereal.

  3. Metallics. This season bridal wear has a strong nostalgia for disco and its gorgeous metallics and sexy silhouettes. If you like glitz and glamour, silver or gold wedding dress with a deep plunge are perfect for you. In such a dress you will look like a dance queen – young and sensual, yet gorgeous and sophisticated.

  4. Statement bows. This season bows are seen everywhere. They adorn shoulders, veils, backs and waistlines. Remember that 2020’s trends are all about drama. Fashionable bows are not girly; they are deconstructed, big and theatrical. A wedding dress with a statement bow looks classy and chic.

  5. Shorter front, longer back. The high-low hemline and extremely high splits are made to demonstrate lean legs. This season such wedding dresses are appropriate and chic. They draw everyone’s attention and, to tone down the effect they make, pair them with long sleeves, a veil or a cape. The high-low hemline dresses are decorated with ruffles to add additional volume and color accents to draw attention to flattering features.

  6. Suits and jumpsuits. Perfectly tailored and fitted jumpsuits have become wedding stables. Not to become passé, this season they have been transformed and offer a fresh look. You can choose from a wide range of trendy variants: sleeveless jackets, white tuxedo dresses, blazers that transform into dresses. Wedding jumpsuits have also been renewed. They are covered with lace and have a detachable train. Many brides choose a dress for the marriage ceremony and suit for the reception and the after party.

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Latest wedding dresses trends in 2020: color

It all started in 2018, when the Pantone Color Institute called violet the color of the year. Designers used its softer lavender shade to create romantic wedding dresses. Now the colorful trend for wedding dresses includes not only pastel lavender, but also pistachio, pink, and yellow. These colors are not traditional for marriage ceremonies, but due to their soft hues and watercolor effect they look modest and appropriate for a wedding. Paired with tulle, ruffles, and confection-like skirts, they create a romantic and fresh look.

At some point champagne and blush wedding dresses were something new and rebellious. Now they are considered traditional, familiar, and are widely accepted for the aisle. The new and trending neutral colors for wedding gowns are now buff and ginger. These hues resemble some skin colors and help to create the naked-dress effect. They also look stunning paired with white lace and embroidery. Buff and ginger compliment different skin tones. It's a good alternative for brides that don't feel like wearing traditional white, alabaster, or ivory tones.

One more color that can now be called traditional for wedding gowns is blue. It was widely used for minor accents such as ribbon sash or flower details. Now designers suggest using it more boldly, choosing blue wedding dresses made of weightless tulle or thin lace.


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