8 Most Attractive Bohemian Wedding Dress Ideas

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Among many wonderful options of styles and designs of wedding garments, the Bohemian style is rated very high. Nowadays, a Bohemian wedding dress makes up a great choice because it is quite original and natural though equally beautiful.

Such a dress adds an elegant and romantic air, so consider these bohemian style wedding dresses as an outstanding trend of recent years. 

Characteristic Features of a Bohemian Wedding Dress Making It So Attractive

No wonder that Bohemian wedding gowns represent many styles, so do not think that they are more casual than other designs. Perceive them as laid-back and glamorous ones bearing romanticism with a flavor of a carefree twist. The design is usually unstructured and flowing, so the dress may be completely or fully made of lace, so it is very charming. 

Speaking about the origin of the very word, ‘boho’ comes from ‘Bohemian’. It is mainly connected with the ‘60s -‘70s of the previous century when the hippie fashion started to appear. The style has emerged from many trends in fashion. Almost every dressing can be regarded as boho when it bears some familiar features of the style.

When you are interested in Bohemian style wedding dresses, try to find out what they are all about because they can be represented in various shapes and designs. The great number of different options can catch you by surprise – from flowing lace attires to smooth long-sleeved gowns and gorgeous lengthy trains. The easy-going vibe and soft-core elegance are the essential characteristics that contribute to the style. 

What the Best Wedding Setting Is Appropriate for Bohemian Dresses

A formal wedding ceremony is not the best variant of the setting for Bohemian bridal dresses because they may look a bit funky there. On the other hand, they can suit stylish weddings, for example, outdoor events or low-key elopement celebrations. The elegant Bohemian wedding dresses are great for backyard receptions and summer weddings on the beach. One type of wedding party also fits amusingly well for them. It is a rustic-style celebration somewhere on a farm or in the restyled barn.

The setting somewhere in nature fits perfectly, for example, a woodland or forest, a bank of the river, or a spacious picturesque lawn with the great views of the mountains. Your Bohemian style will be quite appropriate and organic here. 

In case you are searching for some style that would reflect and imitate the natural outdoor surrounding, you are here to choose from. The boho style will provide the pleasant finish of the whole Big Day somewhere in the garden gazebo, the beach pavilion, or the little cabin in the wood. Give your preference to asymmetric finishes or delicate floral embroidery and it will make you look really stunning.

The most preferable decorations among boho brides are crowns made of flowers or headpieces of jewelry that are a great addition reminding the princesses of fairy tales.

If your soul strives for a Bohemian lifestyle and careless wanderlust, this option goes without saying. A Bohemian wedding dress equally fits a beach, or any other natural setting and the pompous registry office or church ceremony. The contemporary world does not set strict requirements and it is only up to you how to plan and arrange your great day!

Choose a Bohemian Style Wedding Dress: It Should Be Pleasant but Not Difficult

There are some overall tips on how to choose a boho (bohemian) wedding dress according to your needs and preferences:

  • Try to choose loose and flowing shapes instead of formal and well-structured styles.
  • A perfect option of fabrics should create an airy and romantic look, so why not choose satin or lace?
  • Find unique forms showing up your bohemian-spirit personality and state of mind.
  • The overall appearance that you want to present should be bot laid-back and elegant because such a combination always looks beautiful.
  • Your makeup and hairstyle should be relaxed and airy to fit, for example, the white bohemian wedding dress with no doubt.

Do not get lost among the great variety of options. We have collected the most stunning ideas and designs here that are most preferable and work well for modern brides. Their most winning features will help you to pick out a true dress of your dream among all those fascinating Bohemian wedding dress ideas that can be found on the web.

The Most Perfect among the Best: Boho Wedding Dresses That Will Not Leave You Indifferent

1. Modern Style

You prefer to feel contemporary, so the modern Bohemian wedding dress will make it gorgeous. The combination of floral embroidery, crisscross straps, lace and tiered fringes from the ‘20s in the skirt is fabulous and stunning. Choose the right footwear and you’ll look perfect.

2. Consider Long-Sleeved Dresses and You Will Never Feel Conceived 

Do you want something in white or ivory, something more traditional or airy and light? Opt for a long sleeve Bohemian wedding dress made of cotton and French lace. It is the most convenient and beautiful option ever fitting any season and environment. And the balloon or bell sleeves will remind the guests about the fairy-tale mystery of the Big Day.

3. Dresses That Will Not Cost You a Fortune

You can look fresh, elegant, and pretty with inexpensive bohemian wedding dresses that look both elegant and informal. Wear such a dress with bare feet or lovely heels, and your image will be perfect in any case.

4. The Flair of Romantic 

Eternal love and romantics are sure to be embodied in your wedding attire. Here it is when you have a thorough look at the romantic bohemian wedding dresses in their structured silhouettes but still more flowing and relaxed floor-length skirts. Imagine how beautiful you will look during your outdoor ceremony at an altar decorated with flowers.

5. It Can Be Short

You are sure to feel free hating and trying to break any traditional and rigid views. Your path in life is your own, so choose a short Bohemian wedding dress to feel unique on your great day the same way you feel on every day of your life.

6. Opt for Vintage-Style Garments

You want to look individual and perfect but always open to experiments. This is a vintage Bohemian wedding dress that will meet all your needs. The vintage style and details in a modern interpretation are those perfect choices you have been seeking for such a long time.

7. The Attire for the Beach and Not Only That

A wedding on the beach is your long-lasting dream. It is about to come true, so pick out something corresponding to the location and situation. The bohemian beach wedding dresses are perfect to complement such a ceremony. The flowing maxi or the comfortable mini with a special coat – everything is great that looks great on you.

8. Backless Dresses Are Still in Fashion 

Your look and feel at the wedding ceremony is sure to be extremely beautiful and sexy. There is nothing better for this choice than a bohemian backless wedding dress, especially, if it is a hot summer and you need to feel cool and relaxed.


So, we have made an attempt to present the hottest picks for bohemian-style brides. The choice is always yours even if you have not found your favorite yet. However, we are sure that these stunning bohemian bridal gowns have added much to your vision of the perfect wedding attire.

Remember that plenty of Bohemian wedding dress ideas and styles are waiting for your interest and passion to be tried out. Do not hesitate to consider various designs. It is you who will finally find the dream dress, the only one among many, and be happy!

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