How long a wedding dress should be

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A wedding dress is a defining piece of the nuptials. Modern wedding fashion gives brides many options. They can choose short dresses, high low hem dresses, traditional silhouettes, even a suit or a dressy jumpsuit. The majority of  newlyweds stay on the traditional side and choose long festive gowns at least for the formal part of the celebration. 

Finding the right dress is a tough and daunting task. The perfect wedding gown has to suit you and your skin tone, emphasize your benefits, and fit your body type. One more important factor ― the price. The wedding dress has to fit the budget and be appropriate for the venue. And above all that, you have to like the attire and feel confident. Regardless of the silhouette and cut, the perfect dress makes you feel special and beautiful on the big day.

Brides should take into consideration that it is almost impossible to find a dress that fits you like a glove. You have to be prepared to go to fittings and pay for alterations. Sometimes even minor changes make a huge difference. The only exception is when you order a custom made dress. In this case, your wedding attire is sewn especially for you, considering your height, body type, and measurements. 

One of the most popular types of alteration is hemming. And this step is important not only for the petite brides but also for middle height ladies. If your wedding dress is too long, it does not look the way it is supposed to on your body. It creates additional inconveniences and even a thread, that the newlywed can accidentally step on the hem and trip. So it is important to understand how long a wedding dress should be. 

It depends on many factors: brides’ height and body type, the silhouette of the dress, the material it is made of, shoes, and personal preferences. Some newlyweds want to show off a beautiful pair of wedding shoes and a nice pedicure. In this case, it is perfect when the hem is 1 inch above the floor. In other cases, the hem must cover the shoes and end just above the floor so that the bride does not trip.

What length should a wedding dress be

If you are hesitant about what length should a wedding dress be in your case, go to a seamstress and get advice from a professional. It is also nice to have someone with you for a third party opinion. Ask someone you trust (your mom, sister, or a close friend) to go to a seamstress with you. In this case, you will have a sincere opinion and someone to take your photos. Some things are better seen from the side. 

To make the right decision, the seamstress will have to take the hollow to hem measurement. It determines the length of the dress. The seamstress measures the distance between the center of the collar bone and the hem. This measurement should be taken, when the bride is relaxed and stands straight. You can not measure it yourself, so it is better to rely on the professional. Usually, the dress is shortened for 1‒2 inches. 

It is important to have a pair of shoes you are planning to wear on a wedding day. All the measurements should be taken with the shoes on. If you are planning to change your shoes to a more comfortable pair it can be a bad idea. If you are choosing pumps with stiletto heels and ballerina flats, the dress will look completely different. If you want to change your shoes for a more comfortable pair after the official part of the celebration, make sure that the hight of the heels is the same.

The venue also affects the optimal length of the dress. If your wedding ceremony and celebration takes place outdoors, you may consider hemming the gown for a few more inches. This will protect the dress from getting dirty and collecting leaves and grass. A floor-length hem is also not a very good option if the bride has to come up or down the long stairs. 

If you are planning to dance a lot during the celebration, forget about the dresses with trains. It is likely that someone, or even you, accidentally steps on the fabric and tears it. 

A long traditional wedding dress looks very festive and demure. This type of attire makes the bride look like a princess and feel very special on nuptials. But the right length of the gown will guarantee that not only you look beautiful, but also feel as comfortable as it is possible in such a restricting attire.

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