How much does a wedding dress cost

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Shopping for a wedding dress is an exciting and daunting experience. The future bride has to find that one, special dress, that will make her feel comfortable and confident. After entering the bridal salon even the most prepared and purposeful spouse can get confused. There are so many stunning attires, so many flattering silhouettes and it is hard to pick one from the wide range. 

The best tip for a successful and enjoyable wedding shopping experience is to limit the choice of gowns by choosing the most flattering cut and silhouette for your height and body type. The next step will help you be more focused and realistic. You have to set a reasonable budget and outline your limits. You will not waste your time trying on fantastic dresses, that you can not afford. And you will also cut back on the stress arose because you fall in love with the gown that is too expensive. You will the exact answer to a question: “How much should I spend on a wedding dress” and stick to the chosen line. 

Many brides, that start to prepare for the nuptials, wonder how much does a wedding dress cost. The price depends on many factors, such as material, the intricacy of cut, the amount of decor, is it a designer hand-made piece or a machine-made mass-production. It is also important to include the price of all fittings and alterations because it can also affect the final cost of the attire. 

What is an average wedding dress cost

The range of prices for wedding dresses is very wide. The average wedding dress cost is around $1600. At the same time, you can find your perfect dress, which costs half the price or ten times more. In the case of wedding shopping, everything depends on your abilities and desires. Before setting an appointment in a bridal salon, you should try to understand how your perfect dress looks like, how it feels, what is the material, and how much decorations you want to see. You have to remember, that designer dresses are more expensive. 

The key factors, that affect the price of the wedding gown are:

  1. Material. The price of the dress depends on the fabric it is made from.  Natural fiber (for example silk) is more expensive than synthetic ones. It is also very slippery and hard to work with. It also affects the price, because the labor costs get higher. If you like how silk feels on your skin, but such an expensive fabric is out of your budget, opt for a more affordable variant such as satin. If you want to save some money, do not be afraid of synthetic material. They will not feel the same as natural but in the last decade, the quality of the latter improved dramatically. Now they are more comfortable and practical. One of the most expensive and traditional materials for wedding dresses are silk, thin lace, tulle, and charmeuse. The more budget fabric options are polyester, satin, rayon.
  2. The intricacy of cut. If you choose an intricate dress with a compound cut this is most likely a designer piece. Such a silhouette requires more effort, more working hours, and more fabric. As a result, you get a higher final cost. Intricate dresses can not be made on a factory line, this is a unique piece of art, desired and exclusive. If you want to have something extraordinary and one of a kind, you have to be prepared to pay more.
  3. Designer. The price tag depends on the prestige of the name. Each brand has its unique remarkable traits and many brides are eager to pay more to be associated with a certain designer. 
  4. Alterations. All women are different and beautiful in their way. Usually, wedding dresses in standard sizes have to be altered to get the perfect fit. A perfectly fitting dress is a must if you want to look your best and feel confident on a special day. Alterations are made by hand and can increase the final price of the gown. It is important to consider them if you want to stick to a set budget. If you want to eliminate this factor, choose the dress, that fits you well.
  5. Accessories. Thinking about wedding look most brides focus on the dress and forget about minor but essential pieces, that create the outfit. These are shoes, jewelry, lingerie, headpiece, or veil. Bridal stylists recommend to follow the simple rule: if you have a simple dress, make a statement with a bold necklace or a pair of bright heels. If your dress has a lot of embellishment, it does not need extra spice. 
  6. The preservation. It is good to remember about expenses on dry cleaning and further preservation of the wedding dress. It is likely, that the dress gets dirty after the ceremony and after-party. You will want to keep it clean and beautiful, regardless of whether you want to keep it, resell it or donate. 
  7. Ready or a custom-made dress. A custom-made dress will cost you more as it requires sketching and more hand-made work.

What is a good budget for a wedding dress

Many newly-weds get confused when thinking about wedding expenses. On the one hand, there are many different and important items of expenditure you have to deal with while preparing for the wedding celebration. On the other, the wedding gown is a very important and defining part of your big day. If you are wondering what is a good budget for a wedding dress, the answer will be: it depends. 

It depends on whats your wedding budget, who is paying, are you buying a new ring or using a family heirloom. Some couples choose a private ceremony with the closest, others organize a loud celebration. The same goes for dresses: for some brides, it is important to have an exquisite dress of a famous designer. For others, it is ok to buy more affordable attire and save money for the honeymoon. The general rule says, that the price of the dress with alterations has to be 5 percent of the sum, you are ready to spend on your wedding.  

If you are on a budget, there are many tips that will help you economize. You can shop for a sample wedding dress. It is a gown that has never been actually worn or altered by anyone. The price is reduced, but you will have to spend some extra on dry cleaning.

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