How to choose a wedding dress for your special day

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Preparing for your wedding can be tough and stressful. You need to take care of a million things and foresee all possible surprises

The hardest aspect is trying to stay calm and actually enjoy the process of creating your dream marriage ceremony. Buying a wedding dress is one of the most exciting and challenging tasks that arises for the bride. On the one hand it can be the most expensive gown you will ever own, on the other ― you have never worn this type of attire before and can easily be overwhelmed by lots of decorations and an exquisite cut. Before making a decision and purchasing your special gown you need to know how to choose a wedding dress that will be perfect for you.

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The first thing you need to think about is time. You need to give yourself enough time to find a dress that will suit your personality and body type best. Bridal consultants suggest you should have 9 to 12 months to do the research. The huge variety of different styles is not the only issue. Wedding dresses usually take 4 to 8 months to be sewn. You should also add in shipping and time for alterations. The more fittings ― the better dress will look on you. Give yourself plenty of time and don’t make your decision in a hurry. You also shouldn't buy your special dress too far in advance, because the style may go out of fashion or you may simply change your mind.

Before you start looking for the right silhouette and color shade, think about the venue and weather conditions. If you have a themed wedding, your dress has to correspond with the circumstances. A richly embellished gown will look inappropriate at a country style wedding, plus you will feel uncomfortable. Choose a wedding dress that will be suitable for the weather conditions. If your marriage ceremony is taking place in a hot climate, then forget about a ball gown silhouette with full skirts and many layers of fabric. If you don't want to be hot and sweaty during a summer ceremony, then choose a silk material and a cut with open skin. An elegant and sophisticated gown with long sleeves will keep you warm for a late autumn or winter wedding.

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If you want to have pleasant buying experience, you need to set a budget and stick to it. There is nothing worse than finding your dream wedding gown and knowing that you can't afford it. You should discuss what you think is a reasonable price for such an important purchase with the people who are involved in paying: you, your fiance or parents. Wedding consultants say that the price of your dress should equal 8 ― 10% of the whole wedding budget. Do not forget to include shipping expenses and possible alterations. It's hard to buy a wedding dress from the store that will fit you perfectly. You will need to make some adjustments and alterations at the tailors. The wedding dress is the most important part of the bridal look, but not the only one. Don't forget about proper shoes (elegant, but comfortable to walk in), accessories, jewellery, and expenses for hair and makeup. Include these when establishing a budget for your wedding look.

How to pick a wedding dress: common mistakes

When you're excited about the upcoming marriage ceremony, you can make impulse purchases and regret them later. Here are some common mistakes many brides make. Avoiding these will help you make the right decision. This part of the article tells you how to pick a wedding dress and be happy and content with your choice. Follow these simple tips and tricks to buy your perfect wedding gown:

  1. Pick a fit, not a size. When choosing a wedding dress, forget about your usual size. Sizing in different brands of bridal wear may vary and run small. It is impossible to create a dress that will fit every height and body type. You will need some alterations anyway to make the dress fit you perfectly, so choose the size that appeals to you the most.

  2. Don’t forget to move. We all love princess dresses with full skirts and rich embellishments. But before you make your final choice think about the least glamorous aspects of your special day. Will you be able to cope with the heavy dress, or you will need someone to help you? Try to sit down and move around in your gown. If you still can’t say "No" to your dream lavish dress, make sure you buy another one to change into after the end of the official part of your marriage ceremony.

  3. Think about yourself. Doing research online is very important when you search for your wedding dress. The key point is to look for models of your body type. Such pictures will better represent how you will look in a certain cut. If you are petite, base your search on this feature. Dresses that look fantastic on tall models may disappoint you when you try them on. Keep in mind your best features, personality, and style. After trying on many types of dress you may feel confused, so it's best to be prepared and have a few key types of dresses you're interested in. One more tip is to ask yourself: "How do I look in this gown" and imagine walking down the aisle in your chosen dress.

  4. Be prepared. This time it’s about your outfit when you go dress shopping. First of all you need to choose the right underwear. A bustier, strapless bra and seamless panties will all work. You'll certainly need some help from the sales assistant in the changing room, so make sure you feel comfortable in your underwear. You should also bring similar shoes to the ones you are planning to wear on your wedding day. Do your hair and apply your makeup, so that you feel comfortable and confident while at fittings.

  5. Prepare your questions. Don’t be shy and feel free to ask your sales assistant for all the information you want. It's their job to make your wedding dress shopping experience perfect. Ask how long it takes to sew a chosen attire, if the alterations can be done in-house or if you need to look for a tailor, and how you should look after the dress. Tell the sales assistant what you like and take their advice. They know the range of gowns better than you and will have much more experience. They can help you choose dresses that will meet your requirements and suit you the most.

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How to decide on a wedding dress

If you are wondering how to decide on a wedding dress and make the right decision, then ask someone to accompany you to the bridal salon. But, choose your shopping crew wisely. The more the merrier does not work in this case. The best company for such an occasion is your mom and closest friend or maid of honour. If you invite too many helpers, you are likely to be even more confused. Everyone has their own opinion and vision that may not match your style. Make sure you go to the bridal salon with people that can give you honest feedback. Remember, you are the star of this show and you have the right to choose. Wedding consultants recommend trying on 4 to 8 dresses at one appointment.

Some brides are afraid to follow the latest trends because fashion changes quickly. It's a difficult task to find a wedding dress that will still look relevant after 20 years. If you have tried on a gown and said: "This is my perfect dress" then forget about fashion trends and choose what you like. Your wedding gown has to suit you, your personality, and style.

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Any wedding ceremony takes a lot of preparation and rushing. When the special day ends your memories, as well as beautiful pictures, will stay with you for the rest of your life. Make sure you find a wedding dress that not only suits your body type, skin tone and style, but also makes you feel happy, special and beautiful.


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