Ivory Wedding Dress— Elegance in Every Detail

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An ivory wedding dress is perfect for girls with any skin type. Besides, you can match the gown with shoes of the most daring colors.

Not only is the design crucial for the perception of an outfit. Ivory, rose gold, champagne dresses are synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Elegant color tones the whole outfit. An ivory wedding dress is perfect for girls with any skin type. Besides, you can match the gown with shoes of the most daring colors. But when choosing the accessories, you should avoid a white veil. It will make a dress look pale and even grayish. But don’t jump to conclusions that you won’t manage to complete the look of such a complicated shade. In fact, it is the elegant color that makes an ivory dress look fabulous. You just need to choose the right design for your body type.

 Ivory Wedding Dress — Peculiarities and Advantages

The ivory color is a warm tone as compared to snow white. Besides, it is not that simple. This elegant tone accentuates the splendor of vintage dresses and not only wedding dresses.

Different shades of ivory and their peculiarities:

  • To create wedding dresses, designers from all over the world use many different shades of ivory — from light ivory or milky-white to creamy.
  • Dark shades of ivory look good on light skin.
  • Girls with olive skin should choose light-ivory or warm milky-white gowns. Although it must be mentioned that this shade matches any skin color.
  • Any shade of ivory looks good in photographs. Ivory fabric creates soft shades that are camera-friendly in any set and any light; cool-white, on the contrary, may accentuate the blue color of blood vessels, yellowness or redness of the skin.  A snowy-white dress can look like a big white spot in very bright light.
  • With the right accessories, an ivory dress will be perceived as white and not colored.

Ivory is a neutral color. It can be perfectly combined with golden or silver accessories and any bouquet. You can choose shoes to match an ivory dress easily — the color of shoes can match either the color of the wedding or a groom’s suit or tie. The only rule you must follow is that the veil should also be ivory. With a white veil, an ivory dress may look greyish.

Many brides follow the fashion trend to choose ivory dresses for the bridesmaids. Such outfits look airy and light. But to stand out, you should choose a dress of a more delicate color, while bridesmaids should wear a gown of darker shade. Such a combination will look stylish and gorgeous in wedding pictures. Tina Valerdi offers a huge range of wedding dress designs so that any girl can find an outfit for her and her bridesmaids that flatters any body type. A design that fits any girl is a Greek or A-line dress. Mermaid dress follows a girl’s body lines and will be perfect for slim ladies. And princesses choose puffy gowns.  


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