Ivory Wedding Dress — Luxurious Gown of a Royal Shade

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The color of clothes is extremely important when talking about the perception by others and of yourself.

For a reason, every person prefers clothes of a particular shade which gives us a feeling of confidence. Are you getting ready for the most important event in your life and you are sure that white is not your color? No need to worry. Modern fashion offers a wide choice of clothes of soft shades lovely to look at.

An ivory wedding dress is a luxurious gown of a royal shade. You will steal the spotlight in a dress of the right silhouette that highlights the beauty of your figure. An ivory shade is not that simple as white color; it is tricky when it comes to perception. A warm and at the same time elegant shade accentuates the splendor of wedding gowns, especially the vintage ones. 

Ivory Wedding Dress — a Large Choice of Gowns from a Famous Brand

Tinavalerdi.com website offers wedding dresses of different styles and trendy shades. Real experts work on each item. The gowns are made from exclusive, high-quality fabrics following generally accepted requirements and standards. With our offer, you can purchase an outfit of unique beauty at an affordable price. You can find a large choice of ivory wedding dresses on our website. The most popular dress designs are the following: 

  • Shantalle — a luxurious dress for the queen of the ball richly embellished with decor — embroidery and scattered stones. A puffy skirt with a long bottom gives an outfit a note of chic, and the color adds splendor. The dress looks flattering on all body types; a puffy skirt hides curved hips, while the waist area emphasizes a slim silhouette. 

  • Mila — a mermaid dress will accentuate your elegant figure and make your look even more feminine and sensual. A detachable skirt from transparent, airy chiffon will fascinate guests with its luxury and will look great in the photos.
  • Aubrey — a floor-length dress with a long bottom. An eye-catching plunging neckline accentuates the beauty of your bust; a very beautiful decor helps to make the look elegant and at the same time sensual and sexy. A puffy skirt style will compliment any body type.

Dress styles that combine two colors are of special demand. Designers often use this combination to create exclusive wedding gowns by covering the tighter lower ivory layer of the dress with an airy fabric of lighter shades — white or creamy. The decor of a contrasting color (usually light shades) helps to make the design more extraordinary and beautiful — an embroidery with floral patterns on the whole dress or some of its elements, glass beads, sequins that shine in the sun, etc.

How to Match a Bouquet, Accessories, and Shoes to an Ivory Dress 

A bouquet of any shade will match an ivory wedding dress. Although, the best choice for such a luxurious gown will be a small composition with flowers of delicate color — creamy, peach, light pink. Ivory is a color that matches accessories from gold, silver, and other precious metals. If to talk about shoes that will match an ivory dress — there are no limitations. You can choose an item to match the color of the wedding or a groom’s outfit.  The only rule you should stick to when planning a bride’s outfit is that a veil must match an ivory gown. If a veil is white, the material of a dress will look as if dirty. 


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