Long Sleeve Dresses – Sophisticated Classics or Exquisite Elegance

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Someone considers a long sleeve wedding dress a thing of the past, and someone uses the chance to embellish arms with exquisite décor.

Someone considers a long sleeve wedding dress a thing of the past, and someone uses the chance to embellish arms with exquisite décor. Our grannies have fresh memories of puffy sleeves decorated with “lanterns” or bows. Modern gowns impress with fancy designs and décor. An elegant long sleeve wedding dress will be appropriate in a church as well as on the ball.

Long sleeve wedding dresses – a variety of choices and designs

Some girls think that long sleeve wedding dresses look too austere and suit only middle-aged women or brides who choose high-necked dresses due to religious sanctions. But the modern market offers a huge variety of such outfits of different designs. Each of them has its peculiarities and advantages.

In the famous Tina Valerdi showroom, you can buy a comfortable and stylish long sleeve wedding dress embellished with elegant hand-made embroidery at a reasonable price. We offer unique gowns that allow you to express your individuality. Each dress is unique. Tina Valerdi collection presents the best long sleeve wedding dress designs. 

  • Lauren, Dress Rebecca — transparent or semi-transparent sleeves decorated with fancy embroidery. An open back will reveal your hidden sexuality and passion.
  • Joselyn, Daleysa, Savannah, Emily, Dress Samantha — no plunging neckline dress will be left unnoticed. It gives charm to the whole look. The most daring girls choose a plunging neckline gown.
  • Cora, Dress Rossaleen — really exclusive designs. One-shoulder dresses look very extraordinary. They have a decorative function rather than a practical one.
  • Avery — is an ideal choice of long sleeve wedding dress for those who prefer classic but want to accentuate a slim and willowy figure.
  • Gemma — for those who appreciate comfort and easiness even in a wedding outfit.

A wide choice and affordable price of long sleeve dresses is not the only attraction of the wedding gowns of the type. Thanks to the peculiarities of the design, we can point out the following positive features: 

  • Long sleeve dresses will suit brides of any age and any body type.
  • High-neck or richly decorated gown can hide skin conditions — birthmarks, scars, skin irregularities, tattoos you don’t want to demonstrate at the celebration, or other imperfections.
  • Combination of comfort and easiness. Straps can fall down, a corset may change its form with time, and a long sleeve dress will be your second skin. The design guarantees no unpleasant situations on the dancefloor.
  • A high-neck gown will protect its bride from difficult weather conditions: thick textile will keep a bride warm, and light silk or chiffon will save tender shoulders from the blazing sun.
  • Sleeves allow to decorate a dress in many different ways: by opening or hiding some body parts. And no variant will look vulgar.
  • Any decor can be applied at such an element of a wedding gown as a sleeve. From fancy patterns to barely visible scattered gemstones.

Long sleeve wedding dresses are perfect for any body type. And it is another advantage of the design.


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