Luxurious and Romantic Lace Wedding Dresses

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One of the most popular decor for wedding dresses of different designs is lace.

One of the most popular decor for wedding dresses of different designs is lace. It makes the look luxurious and romantic at the same time. Lace wedding dresses are sophisticated and fancy. But don’t use too much lace. Some designs fully decorated with lace may look cheap and pretentious. But on the other hand, a simple dress will look boring without such beautiful decor.

Lace wedding dresses — try not to overdo with embellishment

How to find a golden mean when using figured fabric for the dress embellishment?  There are several ways to use lace for a wedding dress:

  • Lace is the main fabric — the surface of the item has a lace structure.
  • A skirt, decorated with lace, combined with a thick top — looks very extraordinary.
  • Lace bodice — the top of the gown is embellished with lace (fully or with lace insets).
  • Partial decor — is used when a luxurious design of a dress needs to be slightly highlighted. Cuffs, slit, the neckline can be accentuated.

Partial trimming is one of the most popular ways to decorate a wedding gown with lace. Such embellishment will be great for dresses of any design. The top and bottom of a dress or even both of them can be decorated with lace. Although not to overdo with decor, you should bear in mind the following rules: 

  • Ball gown wedding dress (puffy bottom) is luxurious itself, so too much lace can turn it into a pretentious outfit. Lace wedding dresses of such type, as well as mermaid wedding dresses, require minimum lace decor. Usually, only the top is embellished — semi-transparent sleeves, lace bodice, or trimmed slits. Lace wedding dresses can be purchased in Tina Valerdi showroom at affordable prices. The most popular designs are Mila, Avery, Savannah, Aleksandra, Dress Megan.
  • Maxi A-line dresses visually make the figure slimmer. Dresses of such design are perfect for brides with any body type. Lace wedding A-line dress is decorated with lace at the bottom and it looks no less luxurious than a ball gown dress. Such a dress looks sophisticated and elegant. Lace adds a romantic touch to the outfit. Tina Valerdi showroom offers lace A-line wedding dresses at reasonable prices. The most popular designs are Dress Penelopa, Dress Katarina, Dress Jessica, Dress Princess, Romina. In some of the dresses, lace is used for partial decoration — it is put as one or two layers of drapery. But in other cases, a lace skirt can look awesome if it is combined with the top in the right way.
  • Straight-line and fitted wedding dresses, if decorated with lace, look even more beautiful. The basic material for such designs are satin, sateen, or chiffon, and lace is used as the upper layer. It can cover the basic material partly or fully.
  • Column dress doesn’t require too much decor. When embellishing it with lace, stick to minimalism.

When choosing a lace wedding dress, take your time and don’t overpay for a dress of a well-advertised brand. Use the service of a famous showroom to buy a gown in which you will feel like a queen at your own celebration. Tina Valerdi offers reasonable prices for lace wedding dresses.


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