Mermaid Wedding Dress will Accentuate Your Elegant Silhouette

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No other gown will allow you to create a sensual look and accentuate your beautiful figure except for the mermaid wedding dress.

No other gown will allow you to create a sensual look and accentuate your beautiful figure except for the mermaid wedding dress. Tina Valerdi showroom offers a great choice of dresses of this feminine and popular design. It is the choice of brides who would like to find something more trendy and stylish than a classic ball gown dress or more interesting than an A-line dress. 

The main peculiarity of mermaid wedding dress 

A mermaid wedding dress will accentuate your body curves and make your silhouette more elegant. Gowns of such design have a thick top, fit the torso and hips, and flare at or below the knee. In such a dress, a bride’s figure acquires feminine lines and seductive curves. Moreover, it improves a girl’s posture.

The main peculiarities of mermaid wedding dress:

  • The top of the dress is usually a strapless bodice. But Tina Valerdi showroom offers dresses with a higher neckline (Dress Roxy, Dress Aisha) and also with tender sleeves (Dress Paige, Dress Rebecca, Dress Ellie, Lauren, Savannah, Avery, Emily, Chloe).
  • The bottom of the dress usually features ruffles because it is the most expressive element, which defines the final visual effect.
  • The dress resembles a mermaid tail — hence the name of the design.
  • The back of the dress may fall into the train or is decorated with a detachable train.
  • Remember that such a gown hugs close to a bride’s chest, waist, and hips. That is why pregnant brides are better to choose dresses of a looser design.

If you found a mermaid wedding dress for a cheap price, make sure the item is of good quality. Ask the seller to show you the relevant certificates, not to be fooled. A wedding is rather an expensive thing as well as the wedding outfits. Although we are willing to give all the money to look flawless, we should be wise when purchasing clothes. You buy it not only for the photoshoot. All the stones, embroidery. drapery, everything mustn’t fall off and must look perfect even after your dancing moves and all the other activities. Buy a mermaid wedding dress at a trusted showroom. Tina Valerdi offers a wide range of high-quality, stylish, incredibly beautiful, and affordable bridal outfits that will make each bride look like a queen. 

 Mermaid wedding dress — choose for the body type

A mermaid wedding dress is perfect for hourglass body type: hips and bust are nearly equal in size, and a waist is well-defined. Unfortunately, this design reveals all the imperfections of the body. That is why not everyone can wear this kind of gown. A mermaid dress looks great on a pear body type. 

A mermaid dress creates the following visual effect:

  • Extends the silhouette. Small ladies seem taller and more slender in such a dress. Tall ladies can allow themselves to wear a more embellished bottom.
  • Highlights body curves making the silhouette more elegant. There will be no need to buy accessories. Thanks to beautiful decorative elements (embroidery), a dress looks flawless even without any accessories.

Elegant sexuality with no sign of vulgarity — this is how a mermaid dress can be characterized. If you prefer classic but are in search of a more trendy interpretation of a wedding gown and don’t want to wear a puffy skirt —  a mermaid dress with a high neck will be a perfect choice. You will be confident both at the church and on the dance floor.


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