Minimalist Wedding Dresses — a Great Choice of Gown of a Famous Brand

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Not everyone prefers wedding gowns of extraordinary cut with rich decor.

Although ball gowns are still leading among the most desirable dresses, gowns with a simple cut without excessive decor have been no less popular for the last few seasons. Minimalist gowns are still in trend in 2021. A lot of girls choose comfort and freedom and prefer dresses of simple design.

Minimalist wedding dresses feature light colors, laconic design, and no bright decor. Such an outfit will highlight your elegance. 

Minimalist Wedding Dresses of a Famous Brand — a Great Choice at our Website

Tina Valerdi offers a wide range of minimalist wedding dresses of a comfy cut, laconic design, and beautiful decor. Attention to every detail and appropriate accents help our designers to create gowns no less sophisticated than ball gowns with a puffy skirt and rich embellishment. But you will feel more comfortable in a dress of a “simple” cut. 

With our offer, you will be able to buy a dress to reveal your individuality and sense of style. The following dress styles are of special demand: 

  • Sue — a midi dress. A puffy skirt from a light, airy fabric combined with a fitted bodice from a thicker material. This silhouette will be flattering for girls with wide hips and for slim girls too. Large earrings or a pearl necklace will perfectly match the dress.
  • Demi — a mini dress of a simple but unique silhouette. In such a dress, you will be able to reveal your natural sensuality and elegance.

  • Albina — a sheath dress with tucks on the waistline. The design is characterized by laconic and smooth lines. The dress allows to highlight the beauty of the figure. A semi-transparent inset on the bodice for a sultry look. 

  • Lorelei — a luxury A-line dress from non-transparent but light and soft fabric. A skirt with a lengthened bottom adds elegance to the look; and a neckline and an open back — sensuality and passion.

If there is no rich decor, designers choose materials and textures for a wedding dress with special care. For gowns of different silhouettes and designs, we use only high-quality fabrics so that dresses of the simplest cut turn into a luxury outfit in the hands of our experienced masters. Such materials as satin, silk, tulle, and chiffon look rich and elegant.

Shiny satin and silk texture adds a note of solemnity and elegance to the gown of the simplest silhouette. Tulle is used mostly for romantic wedding dresses. Such a gown allows to create a sophisticated and tender look.

Graceful lace, beads decor, scattering of semi-transparent sequins on the bodice or skirt adds luxury and elegance to a minimalist wedding dress. Daring girls can try backless or plunging neckline dresses or gowns with semi-transparent insets on the bodice. A long-sleeved dress will be great for a more modest outfit. 

The traditional color of a minimalist dress is winter white. But if you wish, you can choose a gown of a soft shade — beige, pale peach, milk white, light pink, etc. Accessories — jewelry, belt, lacing — will help to add bright accents.


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