Rose Gold Wedding Dress - Elegant Luxury for Real Princesses

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Each bride dreams of shining at her wedding. We will help you to create a look that will express your individuality.

Each bride dreams of shining at her wedding. We will help you to create a look that will express your individuality. We offer the most trendy designs of various colors and shades. Rose gold wedding dresses are incredibly popular. This gown is perfect for tender ladies who aren’t afraid to state their opinion and choose unique things.  Rose gold color combines tenderness with elegant luxury, the innocence of youth with natural wisdom and passion peculiar to each woman since birth.

Rose Gold Wedding Dress – What Design is the Best to Choose

This delicate shade symbolizes the fire that hasn’t yet become intense. A woman’s love is boundless; it can calm down and comfort, bring hope and inspire, but it can also burn up. Be careful — this incredibly beautiful woman in a rose gold dress is more than just a bride; she is a spark of the future fire.  And it depends on you whether it will warm up or burn up.

The most popular rose gold designs are the following:

  • Alexis — is captivating femininity and softness of a charming bride. A puffy dress with a long, flowy skirt decorated with an exquisite pattern is a gown for a real princess. A bride's natural sexuality will be highlighted by an opened back and shoulders and a plunging neckline. Because of the elegant décor, it doesn’t look vulgar but adds uniqueness to the look and makes it extraordinary. 
  • Daria — is a Greek dress. A plunging neckline will accentuate the beauty of your breasts. This design is great because it will suit any body type. The multilayered skirt looks luxurious and doesn’t need embellishment. 
  • Tracy — is a mermaid dress with a train. It is more than just a gown; it is the second skin. A bride’s tender figure is seen under the thin guipure embellished with elegant embroidery. This wedding dress is for daring ladies who would like to create a memorable look. And they succeed!
  • Perla — a luxurious and daring Carmen — this is how brides call the look created with this dress. The bottom of a puffy skirt consists of several airy layers of fabric of different length and is embellished with a beautiful floral pattern which attracts attention with its elegance. Opened back and shoulders together with a plunging neckline will help to accentuate your sexuality.
  • Trinity — a design for daring girls with extraordinary taste. This gown combines several fabrics with different textures. The fitted design helps to accentuate all curves. The dress is decorated with a sophisticated floral pattern. Pieces of rose gold fabric decorate the dress and add tenderness and mystery to the look.

Each Tina Valerdi rose gold dress of any price is made of high-quality fabrics. Fancy decoration doesn’t look pretentious but accentuates the beauty of the materials. We offer a wide range of rose gold dresses so that every bride can find the dress of her dreams.


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