Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses — a Symbol of Refined Taste

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Modern designers made a bridal gown simpler and more comfortable, but at the same time, they preserved the elements that accentuate the beauty of a woman’s figure.

Early on, a wedding dress was an uncomfortable, huge gown with many underskirts, a tight corset, huge sleeves, ruffles, heavy embellishments, and other elements a poor bride had to wear at the event trying to smile cheerfully. Modern designers made a bridal gown simpler and more comfortable, but at the same time, they preserved the elements that accentuate the beauty of a woman’s figure. Many new dress styles have appeared and the elements have undergone changes, in fact, they didn’t vanish but acquired new forms in new designs. Some designs have already become legendary. A short sleeve wedding dress can be considered as one of the legends. In other words, it is a great choice for the ceremony, whether in church, restaurant, or outside. Sleeves cover shoulders and forearms according to the traditions or if the weather requires.

Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses— Advantages

Sleeves make the look more elegant and sophisticated; they add some accent. Besides, they have the following advantages:

  • Appropriate to wear at a church wedding.
  • The gown will be great for plus-size girls as it makes arms look longer.
  • The dress can hide tan lines, tattoos, and skin imperfections.

Different types of sleeves can have a different function in an outfit. Puffy sleeves help to accentuate a neckline, make a waist look slimmer and bust – bigger. Such a dress element looks feminine and eye-catching.

Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses — Tips for Choosing

Types of sleeves and tips for choosing:

  • Airy sleeves are usually made from silk or chiffon. They look elegant and stylish. Brides prefer such dresses for winter weddings.
  • Detachable sleeves are a great choice to regard traditions. When a bride would like to feel free and easy, she can take them off.
  • Transparent fabric makes a classical, reserve design from a dense fabric look more delicate.
  • An outfit with 3/4 length sleeves is a comfortable choice. It flatters any body type. Such sleeves look good in any dress style. They make arms look more thin and delicate.
  • Puffy sleeves are the most popular variant. The sleeves look beautiful and romantic. They are made from light fabrics so as not to make an outfit too heavy.
  • A wedding gown with flutter sleeves creates a delicate, sensual look, accentuates the innocence of a young girl. This design is perfect for girls with a peach or rectangular body type. Flutter sleeves make the arms look heavier. This is how a simple element can make a figure look more proportional.

A short sleeve wedding dress is a comfortable choice of a wedding dress. You can choose among the many styles and find a dress according to the theme of a party, weather conditions, or other peculiarities of a wedding party. Dresses with puffy and flutter sleeves are very popular. It is a perfect choice for brides who are looking for a vintage gown.  A dress may be completed with stylish gloves.


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