Short Wedding Dresses — Express Your Natural Sexuality

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Many modern brides prefer short wedding dresses for the celebration. There are several reasons: comfort, desire to express natural femininity, and accentuate the beauty of legs.

Many modern brides prefer short wedding dresses for the celebration. There are several reasons: comfort, desire to express natural femininity, and accentuate the beauty of legs. A short wedding dress will be a dream come true for an active bride who loves to dance and participate in the activities and who enjoys the celebration with the guests. This design is for daring, stylish ladies.

Short dress — an ideal gown for a hot summer wedding

Who has said that beauty is pain? You can create a beautiful look without puffy skirts, tight bodices that prevent you from breathing normally and moving freely, and moreover from dancing. A short wedding dress will make you feel comfortable even in hot weather and allow you to dance till dawn. Such an outfit has many advantages:

  • Sensible clothing — you can wear a short wedding dress to any kind of event as an evening gown after the ceremony. You just need to choose the right accessories. 
  • Comfort — this key factor  makes the brides choose this type of gown.
  • Possibility to save. The price for a short dress is lower than the price of a classic maxi dress, even if it is the gown of a high-profile brand. That is why you can buy it at an affordable price. You can order a short wedding dress at a reasonable price in one of Tina Valerdi showrooms and have it delivered to Kyiv, Kharkiv, or any other city in Ukraine. 
  • Great choice of designs. You can find a wide variety of modern, stylish designs in the catalog. The dresses were made by experienced professionals according to the latest trends.

Despite the popular belief, short wedding dresses can be of different designs and models:

  • Mini dress  — will help to discover your inner sexuality. But it shouldn’t be too revealing . A long sleeve will balance the skirt length. A plunging neckline and transparent insets may look inappropriate.
  • A dress with a puffy skirt is popular among young brides, if the skirt is too short, or ladies who plan a vintage wedding (50s fashion), if a dress is tea-length. Tina Valerdi showroom offers unique, beautiful tea-length designs preferred by many brides: Selena, Karen, Vienna, Terri, Denise.
  • Classical and elegant sheath dress. Usually, the skirt is knee-length. The gown attracts the attention of those who like minimalism and formal clothes. Bright accessories will make the look more interesting.
  • A high-low dress. This design will suit those who still haven’t chosen an outfit. In such a dress you can demonstrate your gorgeous legs and preserve formal style thanks to the beautiful train.
  • A dress with a transparent skirt — a new trend became very popular. A short skirt is covered with a transparent long skirt. It creates a classic and not boring look. Besides, you won’t have to swelter and worry that no one will see your beautiful legs. 
  • A dress lengthened with lace. A lace bottom doesn’t hide the beauty of your legs although you don’t fully display them. Sensual sexuality, charming femininity, and no hints of vulgarity. The look will allow you to create an incredibly beautiful, sophisticated mini dress lengthened with lace.

If you are looking for a short wedding dress at an affordable price in Kyiv or any other city in Ukraine, Tina Valerdi showroom assistants are always ready to help.


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