The comprehensive guide to types of wedding dress

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Choosing a wedding gown for your marriage ceremony can be quite challenging. You need to do some research before you go to a bridal salon, invite the right company, and know exactly what you want

There are many types of silhouettes for wedding dresses and you need to be prepared to speak the same language as your sales assistant. You need to know the most popular wedding dress styles to be able to explain what your perfect bridal gown should look like.

To make your communication with sales assistants more efficient, bring pictures and learn the names of silhouettes you like. Even if you're sure that you want a certain type of wedding dress, try a few more variants. Don't forget to take pictures. Sometimes photographs can be more informative than your reflection in the mirror.

When you go to a bridal salon and see many different gowns, you can feel confused and bewildered. The best way to narrow down your choices is to look at the silhouettes that suit your body type. Not all designs look good on everyone. You need to draw attention to your flattering areas and emphasize them. This will make you feel comfortable and elegant on your special day.

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Remember that wedding gowns sizes do not correspond to the chart for everyday clothes. They usually run smaller. That’s why it’s important to choose the fit, not the size. You will probably need some adjustments and alterations to make the dress look perfect on you.

What are the most popular wedding dress styles?

Despite the fact that there are many different necklines, waistlines and sleeves arrangements in marriage attire, you have the 6 most popular wedding dress styles that are on top right now and will never go out of fashion:

  1. Ball gown. This silhouette is often called a “princess dress”, and it will definitely make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. The dress consists of a fitted bodice or corset and a dramatic full skirt. This is one of the most classic and formal wedding dress styles. It creates a beautiful body shape because the bodice is cinched at the natural waistline. The ball gown silhouette is often chosen by celebrities and royals. It is not the most comfortable variant, because the full skirt effect is created by crinolines or many layers of fabric.

  2. A-line dress. The popularity of this silhouette can be easily explained. It is a lighter and more comfortable version of a ball gown that still looks stunning and sophisticated. The bodice is fitted, and the skirt gently falls down and gets fuller from waistline to hem. Its shape resembles the uppercase letter A. Current collections of bridal wear include gowns of A-line silhouette made with organza, lace, silk, and structured fabrics. This is a versatile type of dress that looks appropriate not only for a classic marriage ceremony, but also for a bohemian, beach or country wedding.

  3. Sheath or column. This type of wedding gown follows the contours of your body and falls straight to the floor from the hip line. This is one of the most comfortable and effortless styles. It requires less fabric than other silhouettes, and looks chic even without embellishments. Depending on your body type, you can choose models that have a bodice or a sash. These elements will help to accentuate the waist and create an hourglass shape.

  4. Mermaid. This wedding dress silhouette is sexy and daring. The gown contours the body from chest to knees (sometimes a little lower) and then flares to get its volume. The only downside for this type of wedding gown is that it’s quite constricting. The dress is tight, and you need to get used to walking in it and making small steps. Other than that, the dress is stunning and accentuates the curves.

  5. Trumpet. This style is also known as “fit and flare”. The trumpet silhouette can be confused with the mermaid, but they have some differences. This type of wedding attire contours your chest and waistline. The skirt gradually flares below the hips. Trumpet dresses look feminine and elegant. This is a perfect choice for those brides who like the dramatic mermaid silhouette, but want to feel comfortable during their wedding ceremony.

  6. Empire. The empire line gown is known for a raised waistline and a long skirt that skims the body. A fitted bodice and loose flowing skirt create a long and lean shape. The empire silhouette helps to conceal short legs, a massive torso or curves. Brides in this type of dress look tender and delicate. This variant is perfect for pregnant brides.

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Each of these silhouettes can be modified with different necklines, sleeves, embroidery and decorations. If you like extraordinary things and want to make a statement at your wedding, choose a mini, a high-low dress, or a jumpsuit. These types of unusual wedding attires will put you in the spotlight and reflect your style.


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