The Most Attractive Ideas for Luxury Wedding Dresses in 2020

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The numerous options are waiting for you if you are looking for luxury wedding dresses to get the immemorially the chicest look on your Big Day.

The modern trends show the coming back of dressing-up and romanticism, for example, Victorian dresses, or ballroom garments. The most famous designers all around the world have agreed about the importance of maximalism combined with a stunning and gorgeous look in luxury wedding dresses.

What It Means to Be a Modern Bride

So, what does it mean ‘to be a modern bride’? In our new reality of technological advance and modernization, it rather means a combination of styles and specific sets of trends. The most fascinating designs imply the universal approach irrespectively to the venue, season, silhouette, or other conditions. They are likely to be appealing to the most discerning tastes of fashion brides.

Design Versions and Styles of Luxury Wedding Dresses

The luxury wedding dresses from London runway shows of 2020 demonstrate a traditional look in champagne color and bare shoulders. They can also be complemented by the ivory color pants.

The alternative versions may also include a conservative design with a featured train or the short top with the three-quarter sleeves that looks both modern and vintage.

The fully romantic luxury dresses for wedding are inspired by the common designs of evening wear, something like the classic vampire Dracula-style. Though, the wavy bob feels better as a brand-new addition.

There is also a design for minimalist luxury bridal gowns ornamented with an embroidered collar and small and thin panels of lace only.

The special attention is drawn to luxury short wedding dresses. If a bride is daring enough, she can give her preference to a punk-flair design. Imagine the infusive hints of the black color, slits combined with still shorter length, and some unusual elements, and ornaments inspired by the fashion of ‘80s.

There is another new seasonal trend to be considered in luxury bridal dresses — the coats that can be used as gowns or pieces to wear over the main dress. The message is clear here – you can stay comfortable and snug even while walking along the aisle. This type of adapted street-wear speaks in favor of convenience.

The previous royal weddings played an important part in the changes of styles in wedding luxury dresses. The trend here is to keep things concealed as full as possible from a stranger’s interested eye. The style implies the regal importance and true elegance of luxury ball gown wedding dresses many of us are striving for. The tons of texture and straight lines are the most remarkable characteristic features of the style.

Among the numerous technical and stylistic devices and technologies, tiers occupy the prominent place in luxury princess wedding dresses. They say that the old can become the new again. This season’s versions look truly stylish and fresh. The tulle layers look stunning and add much volume but feel airy and light-weight. They may become a great option for a bride who does not take life too seriously and wants to look like a new-fashioned princess with a lot of fuss and frills. The option is also great for luxury maternity wedding dresses.

The Victorian spirit is a helpful addition to those who prefer the bohemian style. Empire waists and puff sleeves in luxury long sleeve wedding dresses or short-sleeved gowns look gorgeous and glamorous adding the extra feel of a fairy nymph or pastoral joyfulness of a farm girl.

The Debates between Minimalistic and Conservative Trends and Their Outcomes

Minimalistic trends have also conquered their place in luxury beach wedding dresses and their design. It means the lack of beading and lacing, nothing about draping and volume, no embroidery or lengthy trains. It is Megan Markle that breathed a new life into this kind of design and raised it to the next level.

After everything said above, you may think that luxury lace wedding dresses are completely out of fashion now. However, it could be a big mistake to think so. Apart from all gorgeous contemporary styles and ornamenting devices, lace remains the favorite, a mainstay, and a beloved option for many brides. You can do some research in modern lace options and ensure that it hasn’t lost its charm. Irrespective of the climate, style, or age, the floral and Macramé laces feel superb for the outdoor weddings. Though, graphic options are great for traditional wedding ceremonies.

Colors and Fabrics to Give Preference to

Buff and ginger colors are more preferable in this season than classic white. They fit a variety of styles and skin complexions. They also pair great with blush, gold, ivory, silver, and even black colors providing an individual romantic look and charm.

As to continue with colors, green and light green have gained their positions in bridal luxury wedding dresses. The pale tones may also include such soft colors as purple, nude, soft gray, pink or blush, and pistachio, of course. The latter is quite new and fresh for walking down the aisle. Though, it has already been introduced by wedding fashion designers and is quite sure to gain the favorite place in bridal options and preferences. 

Apart from the soft colors of a luxury bridal wedding dress, there is an option of watercolor wonders for creating the fairy-tale spirit with luxury mermaid wedding dresses. They make up a softer look shaded in yellow, blue, pink, lavender, and more hues with some beautiful floral prints.

The new type of fabric has come to being in this season. It is froth that adds much volume and chic. The look becomes ultra-romantic coming in the shapes of ripples, ruffles, or puffs. The frothy skirts look stunning and unique in the photos.

To Conclude

In conclusion, you should think well before opting for a great luxury bridal wedding dress of your life. Look for elegant and luxurious wedding dresses on the fashion shows, wedding salons, and exhibitions, follow the trends, and you are sure to find the style, design, fabrics, silhouettes, and feel that will help make your Big Day really special and unforgettable.

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