The Most Useful Tips and Recommendations on How to Store a Wedding Dress

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One may never have thought about the importance of correct storing of a wedding dress.

It is essential nowadays, at the times of COVID-19, when many wedding ceremonies have been postponed. Get to know how to preserve your beautiful garment after the ceremony. We have collected some tips that would help you do it correctly and avoid some unnecessary worries because of possible damage.

Keeping a Wedding Garment before the Great Celebration

Now, when you have faced postponing your ceremony for some months or even for a year, but you have received your wedding gown already, you should know how to store a wedding dress before the wedding. First, check the condition of the dress – it should be perfect. Ensure this condition until the time when you enter the aisle. Consider these wedding dress storage tips and everything will be OK:

  • Follow all the instructions from manufacturers or providers.
  • Take aside the plastic coating and change it into something more appropriate (for example, a storage bag made of cotton).
  • Utilize the hanger straps to help shape the dress when you keep it in your wardrobe.
  • Encase your attire in an appropriate (being dark and dry is a must).

Check twice whether it avoids bleaching because of the direct sun rays. So, the rare part of your wardrobe is an appropriate place.

Garment bags are OK for the storage, though be aware of some other ways. For example, a large sheet works well if you cut a hole in it for a hanger. 

Yes, the safekeeping of a dress prior to the ceremony may turn out problematic because of its weight. The attire may be made of some heavier material and contain lace or beading, it is strongly recommended avoiding hanging it. Put the large sheet on some flat surface, locate your dress on the sheet, and use folding in three parts. You need to consider carefully how to fold a wedding dress for storage. Store it on a flat surface somewhere on the large shelf.

Safe Conservation of Your Wedding Attire after the Event

Nowadays, you have a lot of options on what to do with your beautiful wedding garment next. You can donate or sell it, or you can repurpose your attire into some cocktail wear, take stunning photos long after the party or just hang on to it as a symbol of your marriage.

No doubt, the latter variant means your knowledge on how to store a wedding dress after the wedding correctly and not to spoil the garment. The matter is that the dress is a delicate and complicated thing with the meticulous design, so its maintenance can sometimes be rather problematic. We have collected some wedding dress storage ideas here for your convenience.

Why the Common Dry Cleaning Seems Useless and Ineffective

Common dry cleaning procedures can do more harm than good. To start with, show your garment to an expert for a qualifying examination. The expert will consider the fabric, design, types of stitches, and the tiniest issues you may not think about.

Some dry cleaning companies can offer a specialized service to you. Find the right experts that do not allow for using the solvents that are recycled. Such substances contain some impurities and supplements which can stay on your garment and leave an unpleasant smell on it. Only virgin solvents are appropriate for this dry cleaning.

Moreover, find out whether the dry cleaner is professional enough to do the job without any failure. Look through their policies and see they allow for the cost of the attire to be refunded in case of damaging it.

Some other important considerations on how to store a wedding dress after the wedding involve the following pieces of advice:

  • Do Not Waste Much Time

Some brides engaged in celebrating their after-parties and enjoying the honeymoon never care about the immediate dry cleaning. As the time passes on, the nasty spots set in and it will be too difficult to get rid of them;

  • The Signs and Inscriptions on Your Dress’s Labels Are Meaningful

There is at least one sign on your attire that you should not ignore. It says what kind of solvent is required. Make sure that the cleaner uses this very type;

  • Unnoticeable Spots Produce More Problems

The traces from the white wine, some cosmetics, or the garden plants cannot be detected immediately. In some months, they become yellow or unpleasantly brown. Well-qualified cleaners can see these invisible spots and cope with them at once;

  • Expenses for Dress Enhancing Also Matter

Include the price of the dress storage when making up your budget. In general, the entire kit and services for such preservation will comprise between $250 and $750, and it is sometimes a significant sum;

  • An Appropriate Package Is Required for the Attire Conservation

Suppose you don’t have a box. Then, your wedding dress should be at least secured against direct rays of the sun. If not, it will fade out soon. Do not keep your heavy garment on the hanger because that can misshape it. Also, do not store your dress in a common plastic bag with a zip. That will attract and hold much moisture and your wedding garment will be discolored. Special boxes and bags that do not contain acids and any other harmful substances make a great choice;

  • Determine the Storage Place Correctly

Never keep your wedding gown in an enclosed space (for example, in a basement, or cellar, attic, or garage). The levels of moisture and temperature alterations can be unpredictable and cause much damage;

  • What If to Utilize a Hanger

However, you would like it better if your dress is hanging for conservation. Though, the hanger should not be made of such materials as wire or wood. The gown’s weight may pull it down destroying the shape of the dress. Search for a padded hanger for better air circulation;

  • Use a Special Airtight Box for Successful Safekeeping

You will also need to consider how to store a wedding dress in a box. It is a special box with no oxygen and nitrogen instead of it. The efficiency of such a preservation process is greater. The box allows for zero oxidation leading to fabric aging and discoloration. It should be sealed and the experts always advise that you should never break this seal until the time comes to use it again;

  • Check Your Garment if It Is Encased Safe

Always have a thorough look at your precious attire every other year refolding and examining it for any creasing in the fabric or other unpleasant changes.


Learn how to store your wedding dress for a year or so. Try the following procedure. Wrap your garment in a sheet made of cotton and locate it in some appropriate place or in a flat cardboard box. It should be long and free of acids. That method will protect it perfectly against pets and dust. 

You can either roll or fold your dress if necessary. Rolling will be more usable if you do not want to leave many wrinkles though folding it is also applicable. The only thing is to use the special tissue paper that does not contain acids while folding it. Find the great place for safekeeping the box. It can even be under your own bed.

Feel happy and amazed to embody every moment of your wedding party and then keep these sweetest memories throughout all your life with your gorgeous and stunning wedding attire.

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