Transparent Wedding Dress will Reveal your Sensuality and Sexuality

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Wedding fashion constantly changes, but brides have never had such freedom and a choice of outfits.

Even in the freewheeling 1990s, girls preferred traditional winter white ball gowns. Modern fashion offers a great choice of unique dresses that make a bride feel special.

If you want to wear red — it’s up to you; you can also risk and impress the guests with a revealing outfit — no one can judge you even for a black (earlier considered a color of mourning) color. You are not limited in your imagination. So let your cherished dream come true — dare to buy a transparent wedding dress if you are tired to hide your passionate nature and great body. Remember that a queen can decide for herself what to wear. And our managers will help you to choose the best dress considering your wishes and the peculiarities of your figure.

Transparent Wedding Dresses — Great Choice of Dress Silhouettes

Modern wedding fashion offers a great choice of dresses of various silhouettes and designs. We picked up the best dresses that fascinate with their unique cut and beautiful decor:

  • EmilyHarlow dress styles — mermaid or trumpet dresses follow all the body lines and attract eyes with the sensual outfit. The beautiful decor adds sophistication and luxury. This type of dress doesn’t require many accessories; it is the main jewel of a bride itself.

  • Violet — an A-line dress with a semi-transparent top. A skirt is multilayered and features a lengthened bottom that gives chic to the look. The outfit looks flirty thanks to a lovely pattern — scattered camomiles that decorate the whole dress.
  • Blossom —  is a light, airy beach dress with a transparent bottom. The gown creates a tender and, at the same time, sensual look.
  • Shade — a long-sleeved transparent dress that looks feminine and elegant. This outfit is for daring girls who aren’t afraid to state their sensuality. A transparent fabric adds a sultry note to the look. 

The catalog features photos of not all wedding dresses available for purchase. New items are constantly added to the collection.

Main Benefits of Transparent Wedding Dresses 

The main benefit of such a gown is that it is great for anyone.  Thanks to a wide range of transparent wedding dresses that differ in design, silhouette, decor, and other characteristics, you can choose a classical dress or a dress style for daring, confident girls. Perhaps, it will be a revelation for you but believe us, even in a gown from a transparent material you can go for a church wedding. 

Our designers can make your dream come true — create a dress from tulle or chiffon embroidered with various patterns in which you will be able to enter the church. You won’t walk in your underwear covered with a thin fabric. Designers made up something tricky — there is a lower cover under the transparent upper layer. It is made from a non-transparent fabric of darker shade — mocha, beige, pink.

In this case, you can have a double advantage — more than you wish won’t be revealed to the guests, and the cover favorably emphasizes the light tone of the upper layer of the fabric. Patterns become more distinct and rich.


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