V-neck Wedding Dress — a Sophisticated and Elegant Silhouette

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A luxurious V-neck wedding dress made from high-quality, expensive fabric will impress, fascinate, and be remembered by the guests. You can purchase it today in Tina Valerdi online shop. Such an element of a bridal gown as a neckline reveals and highlights the natural beauty of feminine shoulders, neck, and bust, as well as, makes the silhouette look slimmer, more elegant, and classy.

A luxurious V-neck wedding dress made from high-quality, expensive fabric will impress, fascinate, and be remembered by the guests. You can purchase it today in Tina Valerdi online shop. Such an element of a bridal gown as a neckline reveals and highlights the natural beauty of feminine shoulders, neck, and bust, as well as, makes the silhouette look slimmer, more elegant, and classy.

V-neck Wedding Dress — Key Features of the Style

A V-neck wedding dress is very popular. This gown helps to accentuate the beauty of a figure and hide imperfections. The style is perfect for busty girls and girls with a small bust.

The main peculiarities of a V-neck wedding gown:

  • The neckline can be of different depth. Thanks to such peculiarity, you  can create either a sexual, sensual look or a more modest look for a church  ceremony. 
  • A neckline helps to make the silhouette look slimmer and shoulders less wide.
  • This neckline is perfect with thin and long jewelry.

There are no limits as to the style of V-neck wedding dresses. This element can be used to create dresses of almost any type — from mini-dresses to gowns with puffy skirt and a train.

Variety of Styles of V-neck Wedding Dresses

The popular model of a V-neck bridal gown has many variants. This design element can be used for the creation of almost any style, including:

  • Column fitted dress. Such an outfit creates an elegant and sensual look. You can choose any dress length, including a dress with a train. This style can also be made with sleeves. In order to highlight a stylish and elegant look, various elements of embellishments, drapery, capes, trains, and accessories are be used. Dresses of the style make a silhouette slimmer, so petite girls will look taller. Designers recommend such wedding dresses for slender girls with an hourglass body type. No defined waist can be accentuated by a wide belt or top. If choosing a column gown, pay special attention to fabric and decor. Modest, elegant styles are mostly made from silk or satin. Such materials as chiffon and organza make an outfit look light and airy. If you dream to wear a luxurious gown, give preference to dresses from velour embellished with stones, crystals, silk. The column gown is perfect for Provence, Boho, rustic, Art Deco wedding theme.
  • Ball gown with a full dress. Such a style is perfect for a romantic or Victorian style wedding. You will feel like a princess in a dress with a puffy skirt. The gown will fit any body shape, but petite girls should be careful. You’d better make sure that such a style won’t make the bottom look bulky. Tall, curvy brides better give preference to simple silhouettes that will create a sophisticated and elegant look. The romantic style of the look can be highlighted by the following fabric – gorgeous satin, soft silk, weightless chiffon, organza, lace, and guipure.
  •  A-line wedding dress — an elegant gown with a trapezoid skirt, which highlights a bride’s curves. Usually, designers use corset or lacing when creating an A-line dress. The style resembles the outline of an uppercase “A”. To give a smooth shape to a skirt, a crinoline or a hoop is used. Silk, satin, and velour accentuate the elegance, romantic style, and reserved luxury of a gown. Appliques, bows of contrast shades, embroidered elements are used for decoration. Mesh and organza reveal the exquisiteness of a silhouette. The style is flattering to any body type. It accentuates the waist and hides the imperfections of hips and legs. A-line wedding dresses with a V-neckline make a silhouette look taller. That is why it is so popular among petite brides. The dress is perfect for a wedding in classic, rustic, French, and other styles. Also, there are no limits as to the scale of the event.
  • Mermaid wedding dress — fitted through the top and flares at the knee or middle of the hip. This style will highlight the beauty of your body – accentuate the charming bust, elegant arms, and perfect back. A skirt is the main accent of the style. With the help of airy, light fabric, it can be soft and pleasant to the touch. A flowing material adds softness to the lines. A fitted dress will be perfect for a bride with an hourglass body shape because it is impossible to hide even insignificant imperfections. A V-neck dress reveals a bride’s sexuality and femininity. Extravagance is combined with elegance and sophistication. 
  • Greek-style or Empire waist wedding dress. Usually,smooth, flowing fabric like satin and silk is used to make this style. A skirt may be fitted or flaring out. One of the main peculiarities is that only the top is decorated. A V-neck adds sensuality to a look. The style will be perfect for tall, curvy brides, as well as for petite girls. A wedding gown hides wide hips, legs, and tummy, and is an ideal choice for pregnant brides. The style is great for the ocean, Provence, and  Empire themed weddings.
  • Transformer dress — a design of the style can be changed by alterations of the length, the transformation of a corset and bodice, detachable upper layers of a skirt, sleeves, etc. A classic gown, which is the main gem of the official part of the ceremony, can be easily transformed into a more revealing outfit, which accentuates the extravagance and confidence of a daring bride.

Fortunately, modern wedding fashion is not limited to the choice of styles with a V-neck. Your knowledge of designs and their peculiarities will help you to find a perfect bridal gown to highlight the beauty of your body.

Types of Wedding Dress Necklines: How to Choose the Best

The right dress style, including various elements, will help to highlight the beauty of your figure and hide imperfections.

When choosing a neckline, you should consider the following:      

  • A dress style and a neckline should be chosen according to your body type.
  • A style and format of the event: a dress with a neckline of any depth will be suitable for an informal wedding, but for a more official ceremony, you’d better not choose a plunging neckline.
  • Peculiarities of a face. A V-neck makes a look more elegant, making a neck look longer and revealing a seductive sternal notch. Dresses with such element are flattering for any face type. Girls with a square chin or ladies with a round face type should avoid gowns with square or round necklines. 

If you can’t decide on a V-neck wedding dress style, you are welcome to consult the manager of Tina Valerdi website. Our experts will help you to choose a bridal gown considering the peculiarities of your body type and other nuances.

How to Choose a V-neck Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

 A V-neck wedding dress is perfect for the following body shapes:

  • X-shaped body — hourglass.
  • O-shaped body — apple.
  • T-shaped body — inverted triangle. A V-neck dress with wide straps will be the best choice for such a body type.
  • Н-shaped body — rectangle. In this case, be sure to choose a V-neck gown with wide straps and rich décor on the bodice.

When choosing a wedding dress of any type, you should consider a bride’s body shape. But don’t hurry to buy a gown you’ve chosen while guiding only by designers’ recommendations. To understand whether the style is perfect for you, you should try the dress on. And don’t give up on your dream because of the accepted standards. If you liked some dress style, don’t hesitate to buy it. It is the main event in your life, and you must feel like a queen, confident in the choice you’ve made.

V-neck Wedding Dress — a Large Selection on Our Website

Modern designs of V-neck wedding dresses are not only about princess and mermaid styles. There is a huge choice of luxurious gowns with exclusive designs in our catalog: ball gown, column, tea-length, A-line, lace, retro, beach, transformer dresses, dresses with train, long-sleeved dresses of the most popular colors, etc.

The most wanted V-neck wedding dress styles in Tina Valerdi showroom are the following:

  • Tina — a plunging V-neck style for daring girls. A puffy skirt from transparent, light, almost weightless fabric adds a romantic note to a sexy look. The top of the outfit is embellished with sophisticated floral embroidery.
  • Savannah — a classic mermaid style is great to create an elegant, luxurious look. The main accent of your exquisite silhouette will be a plunging neckline. It will add elegance to the look and make it less strict. This luxurious gown will highlight the beauty of your hourglass figure.
  • Princess — a luxurious wedding gown for a princess. A rich embellishment and sophisticated neckline adds a luxurious note to the look. You will be flawless in such a dress.   
  • Dakota — is a perfect choice for a beach wedding. You will feel comfortable in an open top and a light skirt from a weightless fabric in hot weather.
  • Kate — a luxurious gown for a fancy girl. A richly decorated top with an incredibly beautiful pattern together with a skirt from a smooth, shiny fabric highlights the beauty of a bride’s figure and helps to create a sensual look. 
  • Laura — a feminine wedding dress style will reveal the tenderness and elegance of a young girl. The gown features eye-catching, exquisite embroidery on a corset and a skirt made from transparent fabric. A V-neck together with an open back highlights the beauty of a young body.
  • Melodie — a style of unique beauty. A puffy skirt is embellished with ruffles from transparent, light fabric. A flirty element fits an elegant, classic-style top. The gem of the look is a plunging neckline that accentuates the beauty of a feminine body. The lengthened bottom of the skirt adds a luxurious note to the look. 
  • Bethany — a luxurious wedding gown with fabulous embroidery on the puffy skirt. A tightly weave fabric holds its shape. Transparent long sleeves add a romantic note to the look. A V-neck is covered with transparent fabric. Such an element accentuates the innocence of a young girl.

All the items are characterized by elegance and charming chic. The dresses are made from high-quality materials in accordance with generally accepted requirements and norms.


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