Wedding dresses for hourglass figure

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Every bride can agree: it is not a coincidence that the words “wedding dress” rhyme with “stress”. Preparations for the special day begin way ahead of the actual date of the celebration

The bride and the groom have to take care of many questions and decide on the time, venue, guest list, scenario, and style of their perfect marriage ceremony. Men’s suits can be stylish and perfectly fitted, but it is the future wife and her attire that will be the center of attention. That is why choosing a wedding dress is a very important part of the arrangements. 

A wedding day is one of the most exciting, special, and memorable moments in life. But it is also a stressful and challenging experience. If the future spouse wants to enjoy this special moment at full, she needs to feel confident, comfortable, and look stunning in her wedding dress. There are dozens of beautiful attires: elegant, classy, fashionable, extraordinary, and sexy. But there is only one gown that will make a future wife feel special.

To make the process of wedding shopping more pleasant, brides should realistically estimate their figures and budget. The time and the venue of the marriage ceremony are also very important. These points will help you narrow down the choice and don`t waste time.

If your bust and hips have the same measurements, and you also have a defined waist, you are lucky to have a very proportional body. Your shape is called an hourglass and it is often mistaken with the rectangular and the pear body type. This figure is very rare and less than 10% of women have it. On the one hand, it is easy to choose the wedding dresses for hourglass figure, because any style of attire looks flattering on this body type. On the other, brides should avoid gowns with the voluminous decor at the top part, because they can create disproportion and ruin the balance. 

Dress Venera

Styles of wedding dresses for hourglass figure

Brides with balanced hourglass figures look good in different styles of wedding attires. To narrow down the choice, you need to choose dresses considering your skin color, height, venue, and the effect you want to make. If you have always dreamed about a fairytale wedding ceremony, these styles would make you look like a princess:

  • The ball gown. This wedding dress style has a very fitted top and a dramatically full skirt, which starts right below the waistline. The lower part of the gown is made out of many tulle layers and decorated with lace, embroidery, ruffles, frills, or beading. The upper part of this dress is usually a corset, so it will be easy to get the proper fit and visually slenderize the waistline. You can opt for a strapless design, a deep V-neck, or a sweetheart neckline. The shaping of ball gowns is created to suit many body types and will look flattering on both tall and short brides. 
  • The A-line. This classy and classic wedding dress style suits most body types and will look best on brides with an hourglass figure. It has a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt that widens down.  This silhouette gives brides a chance to have a dress with a stunning train. The A-line gowns with sleeves made of thick fabric look stylish and restrained. If your wedding ceremony is romantic and private, choose wedding gowns from light fabric. Because of the classic shaping, the A-line dresses look good with all kinds of embellishments: embroidery, lace, ruffles, pleats, sparkling beading on the sheer midriff. 

Both these wedding dress styles usually have an underskirt or a crinoline, that creates the desired volume. It is not the most comfortable variant, but it is worth it.  

Dress Perla

If you enjoy your femininity and wanna accentuate your curves on a wedding day, choose one of these styles:

  • The trumpet. This silhouette is very demanding because it accentuates three lines: your bust, waistline, and hips. Brides with balanced hourglass bodies will look perfect in the trumpet wedding attire. This type of dress has a fitted bodice and a flowy skirt, that skims the hips and naturally falls to the floor. The trumpet dress would look perfect on tall brides. If you are petite but still want to try the trumpet silhouette, make sure that you choose designs with the defined and contrasting waistline and no additional decor at the upper part. It will help you look taller and balance the proportions.
  • The mermaid. This silhouette is very restricting and flattering. It accentuates the curves as the dress hugs the body from the top till the knees and then dramatically widens into a full skirt. The wedding dress looks stunning but requires some practice. The future wife should try on the dress before the wedding a few times and get used to walking in it. 

These styles of wedding attires look sexy and would be perfect for brides, that want to show off their curves. They have to fit like a glove, that is why require more fittings and alterations. 

Tips for choosing wedding dresses for hourglass body type

Brides with the hourglass body type have a wide range of styles they can choose from. The main thing future wife should keep in mind is that the perfect wedding attire emphasizes the benefits of her figure rather than covers it under lavish embellishments. Brides with the hourglass body type look striking in a simple and minimalistic dress. 

Plus-size brides can also have an hourglass figure. It depends on the measurements of bust, waist, and hips and their relation rather than on the size. They should look for models that have enough support in the bust area and a flattering neckline.

Although most wedding dresses look stunning on the hourglass figure, there are some exceptions. A relaxed silhouette, such as an empire will not do much for brides with proportional body type. The high waist and the skimming skirt will hide naturally thin waistline. Another exception is a column dress. The silhouette of this dress creates a vertical line and does not give enough definition to the waistline and hips.

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