What to do with your wedding dress after wedding

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Your wedding has ended and the guests are leaving for home. After all the joy of the moment and a lot of congratulations, you are sure to be going on your honeymoon and planning your future life together with your partner. Though almost everything is arranged already, the question is what to do with wedding dress after wedding.

You may prefer to preserve it professionally. Someone of your family is likely to wear it someday, or you can donate it to a bride-to-be who needs it badly, or it would be better if you use it in some other way. All these options can provide your wedding garment with a new trend and spirit. We will provide you with some tips on making use of this perfect garment that may appear quite interesting.

The Wedding Dress Can Be Stored If You Are Sentimental Enough

Such big moments as a wedding ceremony should stay in our memory forever. If you want your garment to remind you of these fascinating moments, the first thing to do is to clean it. All the spots, and smudges, traces of dirt from the beach, or decor from your cake should be removed instantly. Find a reliable dry-cleaning company and they will take care of the rest. Who knows? If you ask, ‘What to do with my wedding dress after the wedding?’, maybe you will not be storing your dress as long as you are planning and it will be passed down to your sister or niece in a while.

Arrange a Special Party with Wedding Garments On

You are sure to have a lot of friends who have already got married. And they are obsessed with their wedding dresses the same way you are. Try to remind them of those stunning moments and arrange a party. Put on your wedding gown once again and enter a new life with a lot of beautiful reminiscences about the Big Day. Do not waste your time now and host the party immediately to please your friends. You will be wearing the wedding dresses, simulate some thrilling parts of the ceremony, and enjoy the great funny time together.

Place the Garment for Sale

Life continues so why long for the moments that have passed by? Maybe it is better just to sell your garment gaining some extra cost. Anyway, you have a lot of photos and videos portraying your precious dress and your beauty wearing it.

Probably, you feel uneasy to look for a buyer. Trust this job to some reliable agency that can also put your dress in order if needed before selling. You can make some additional cash and please someone you do not know yet.

Or, if you do not mind the option of seeing your wedding dress on somebody else, think about a special site to advertise and make an offer for selling.

A Post-Wedding Photo Shoot Works Great

Some new-married girls are crazy enough to wear their wedding dresses in the most uncommon and adventurous situations, only to get new unforgettable impressions and receive the unusual photos. Of course, you are not going to ‘trash the wedding dress’ purposefully, but you may prefer to have one more day after the formal wedding ceremony to shoot a session in a more informal environment. That is a great answer on what to do with wedding dress after a Big Day. Opt for a beach or a mount, a nearby farm or park, the banks of the river or a pool, or choose something funky, for example, a bowling alley, a rock festival, or a carnival. It is better if the place is meaningful for both of you, something like a stadium or a path in the deep woods. Pretend to be a photo model just for a day. Surely, you may completely spoil your dress but this option is not mandatory at all.

Use Charity Services to Donate the Garment

There are some young people who are planning to get married soon, but they are short of costs. Do something good for such a young lady — present her with a wedding garment that will make her happy. Many foundations and charity organizations deal with both evening wear and wedding dresses needed by women who are experiencing financial issues. It should be helpful for a student or odd-job worker. So it is easy to find out what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding. Look for the options in the local papers, or charity agencies. You can make some neighboring bride-to-be quite happy in the near future.

Be More Creative and Make Something Amazing from Your Wedding Garment

Sometimes, you have a lot of great ideas and knowing how to use a thread and a needle or a sewing machine, you can implement them and feel happy. If you are still thinking what to do with the wedding dress after the celebration, consider some useful and attractive items for everyday use, some stunning decorations to remind you of the Big Day. Let us share a few amazing ideas and you can start putting them to life right now:

  • Clothing and Accessories: a scarf and a cocktail dress, or a dress or suit for your everyday wear, or even a gorgeous dressing gown;
  • Religious Holiday Décor and Pieces of Clothing: Christmas ornaments and tree skirts, stockings, a Christening gown, or First Community dress;

Think about changing your brilliant gown into something more wearable. If you don’t like to dispose of your wedding dress at once, think about altering it into something you will be able to wear on a regular basis. Talk to your tailor and make out a plan together on how to get a brand-new piece of clothing from your festive dress. You can make a great surprise to your husband on your first anniversary.

Change the Color of Your Item

No one can know for sure that they are not going to wear the wedding garment one more time. However, do not dispose of it right now and give it a new chance for many other special days. Check whether the material your dress is made of is compatible with chemicals used for coloring and ask professionals to do the job. Clean your garment before coloring and go ahead. Mind that some chemicals used for dry-cleaning can react unpredictably to dyes, so it is always better to find out the potential risks before coloring.

Turn the Wedding Garment into a Real Piece of Art

Many new-married women admire their dresses so much that they want to look at them over and over again. You can also follow their example and think about turning your garment into a fascinating piece of art. The professional advice will help you find the most appropriate solutions which will feel so great that you will need to have your gown framed and placed on the wall as a precious reminder of your Special Day.


You are sure to remember all those concerns and worries while looking for your perfect wedding clothing for weeks and months. At last, you have found it. The garment is immensely dear to you. You hate the very thought about disposing of it but don’t know what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding ceremony is over. Or you may cope with such thoughts and plan to sell or give it out for charity and make someone else really happy.

The first thing to do with your wedding clothing is to have it dry-cleaned. Restore your garment to its former glory, free of dirt and stains, and then, you will be delighted to find out some perfect ideas on what to proceed with. The tips provided in this article may be quite helpful.

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