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Wedding shopping starts way ahead of the actual date of the ceremony. It is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed while searching for your perfect dress. If you plan ahead, it will be much easier to enjoy the whole process of preparing for your special day. In this case, you won’t ask yourself: "When should I buy the dress?" or "When should I start my wedding preparations?"

Before you start looking for a wedding gown, you need to narrow down the choices. There are so many stunning and gorgeous dresses on the market that any unprepared bride will be confused about which type to choose. You will have a more precise idea of how your perfect wedding attire should look if you select the most flattering silhouettes and colors. All brides are different, and for each body type or complexion, there is a perfect match that will enhance your natural beauty and unique features. Before you set your appointment at the wedding salon, search for photos of the styles you like. This will make the process of searching much faster and easier.

First of all, you need to set a realistic budget and decide on a venue. If your marriage ceremony takes place on a beach, you will search for a lightweight, flowy, and unpretentious dress. Planning a luxury event in an old castle may call for a more traditional and formal gown with a restricting silhouette.

Sticking to a set budget is also very important. Don't try on dresses you can not afford to buy—this will frustrate you. You see a stunning dress and want to try it on just for fun. But what if it fits you perfectly and makes you feel very special? You still can't afford it. On one hand, if you exceed your predetermined limits, you will suffer from unnecessary stress and will have to change all of your wedding plans. On the other, your wedding ceremony is a special occasion and you want to look and feel your best on this day. If the gorgeous gown makes you feel happy, it may be worth splurging. 

If you are wondering when to buy a wedding dress, keep in mind that you should start looking as early as possible, but not too far in advance. Most bridal assistants agree that you should order your wedding gown 9–12 months in advance. If you purchase the wedding dress earlier, you will likely fall out of love with it and be doubting your choice. Besides, your body can change during this long time. The wedding gown that once fit you like a glove may need many alterations to look and fit perfectly again.

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When should you buy your wedding dress?

If you ask about the timeline for when to buy your wedding dress, remember that it is determined by where you shop:

  • If you want to choose a wedding dress off-the-rack, you should make your purchase 4–6 months in advance. This will leave enough time to make any required alterations without a rush. Shopping for an off-the-rack wedding dress has its advantages. It is suitable for brides that are on a budget. These wedding gowns are made with more affordable fabrics and have less embellishment. Brides looking for a simple, comfortable, nice dress for a reasonable price will be satisfied with this choice. Wedding attire off-the-rack is also suitable for a fiancé with a standard-sized body type. If you know that you always fit a particular size and don't experience any issues, you will be content with your wedding dress. If you doubt the sizing of a particular brand, go a size up. It is much easier to take material out of a dress than to add some for a larger size.
  • If you know exactly what you want your wedding dress to loo like and are ready to try a custom-made one, the best time for starting this project is 9–12 months before your special day. This will give you enough time to create the gown. But you must remember that the process of creating your dream wedding gown requires patience, vision, and an ability to express your ideas. You have to fully trust the designer and make your choice carefully. This type of purchase is not suitable for indecisive brides. You will not see your complete dress until the process of creating is almost finished. The first stage includes discussing and drawing the sketches. Then the seamstress will take your measurements and the actual work will begin. You will have many fittings to make customizations before you see the final result.
  • If you are not ready to experience the long and stressful journey of buying a custom dress, consider ordering your wedding attire from a bridal store. This is one of the most exciting and pleasant experiences you can have while preparing for the special day. You can bring your mom, mother-in-law and best friend with you to share the fun. Bridal stores have a wide range of dresses, so you will be able to try on dresses with different silhouettes to see what suits you best. You will have your shopping assistant, who can help you find the perfect wedding gown that meets all your requirements and fits your budget. There is a limited variety of dresses in the store, but from time to time designers throw a trunk show in the salon. They bring all the dresses they have in the collection so that brides can see them in person. When the perfect wedding dress is found, it usually takes around 6 months for the gown to arrive in the salon. It will be created especially for you to fit your measurements and is often decorated by hand. In this case, you get a unique dress, custom-made for you, but you don`t have to worry about the process of creating from scratch.

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When to buy your wedding dress: important details

A wedding dress is the most important part of the whole bridal look. It will be discussed by guests long after the celebration takes place. To make sure that it fits well and looks perfect, you need to remember some essential details. They are subtle but can make a big difference. Choose undergarments carefully: go for slick and simple models. Opt for a strapless bra or a slimming body, if needed. Remember that you need to wear the same undergarments that you have chosen for your special day on all your fittings. Making any alterations to the undergarments can change the fit of the dress.

Hair accessories, such as veils, tiaras, floral hair clips, and combs make the bridal look more complete and interesting. You need to choose them as soon as you find the perfect wedding gown. If you have a relaxed romantic ceremony on the beach, go for floral headbands and delicate hair vines. If you have a simple, sleek dress, choose a modern-looking short blusher or a minimalist cage veil. A ball gown with a cathedral-length veil will make a statement. Traditional, modest gowns look good with pearl headbands and shiny tiaras.

Last but not least: shoes. Be realistic. Feet in white stiletto pumps look stunning, but no one will see them because they will be covered by the hem. The bride spends most of the wedding day on foot, so she needs to be comfortable in her shoes. Consider buying two different pairs: a chic and sexy one for the photoshoot, and comfortable (yet elegant!) shoes for the celebration.

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