Sheath Wedding Dress – Choice for All

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A sheath wedding dress makes any bride feminine and elegant.

This style was shaped due to the post-war crisis in the first half of the previous century. Fabrics were expensive, and not everyone could afford to buy them. The new fashion called for laconism and elegance and became a great and consequential decision.

Sheath wedding dresses are still in trend. This dress complements all body types, hides the imperfections, and is acceptable for any wedding style. A sheath wedding dress makes any bride feminine and elegant.

Sheath Wedding Dresses – a Stylish and Trendy Choice

Even though this dress silhouette is considered a classic style, it gives designers a room for creativity. Details and new decisions allow creating modern sheath wedding dresses of various designs.

The most important part is to observe the basic rules of the style:

  • snug fit;
  • knee dress length;
  • sleeveless;
  • vertical tucks in the front and back;
  • no horizontal cuts;
  • jewel neckline.

The standards listed above can also change, but sheath dresses are still recognizable. Daring details unusual for this dress silhouette make gowns look special and unique.

Sheath Wedding Dresses for Various Body Types

A wedding is a special day when a bride is in the limelight. She fascinates, charms, and catches all eyes like a beautiful flower. For a girl to feel flawless like a princess, a gown should complement a bride’s figure - hide imperfections and accentuate the beauty. A sheath wedding dress is perfect for this task.

Tall and Slim

Girls with this body frame can wear almost anything. They can choose a sheath wedding dress without hesitating because it will suit them perfectly. Skinny tall brides should consider mermaid or pencil wedding dresses that were designed on the basis of a sheath dress. 


A sheath wedding gown perfectly fits petite girls and makes them look taller. Short girls should avoid tea-length dresses because they transform proportions, fundamentally changing how people perceive the figure.

Plus Size

The fit-and-flare silhouette is excellent for plus-size girls, creating an overall slimming effect. V-neckline and a ¾ sleeve help to take the focus off imperfections. Matte fabrics will be the best choice to celebrate your curves and reflect your unique sense of style.

Unproportional Body Shape

You shouldn’t strive for ideal proportions because the beauty of a woman is not about standards but her self-presentation skills. Diversity makes the world a beautiful place. A Sicilian wedding dress that flares out in a wider shape is great for girls with wide hips and narrow shoulders. 

You can buy a sheath wedding dress that flatters your figure in our wedding showrooms. Their addresses are available on our website. Find a perfect gown from Tina Valerdi for an unforgettable and great wedding day!


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