Tea-Length Wedding Dresses — Freedom and Easiness Combined with Elegance

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A tea-length wedding dress gives you freedom and ease of movement.

You will feel comfortable in this gown regardless of its silhouette, whether it is a column dress, a ball gown, or even a dress with a tight corset. Tea-length wedding dresses don’t look as bulky as full-length gowns. Such a dress slightly reveals your legs and creates a sensual (although a bit modest), tender, sexy, but not vulgar look. 

Tea-length Wedding Dresses — a Rich Choice of Stylish and Modern Outfits on Our Website

Not every girl dreams of going down the aisle in a ball gown dress. Active brides who value comfort should try tea-length wedding dresses. This gown doesn’t hinder movements,  so you can dance to your heart's content. When choosing a tea-length dress for a wedding, consider the following:

  • Weather conditions. A high-neck dress will be appropriate for the cold season. Also, you may buy a warm fur coat to complement a V-neck gown. 

  • Venue of the ceremony. It determines the dress style. A more reserved gown will be great for an official event, for example, for a church ceremony. It will create an elegant and slightly reserved look.
  • Peculiarities of your body type.

Experts suggest subtle girls with small bust should choose gowns with richly decorated top. Dress styles with puffy sleeves and various voluminous elements on the bodice will also be a great choice. The following gowns are of high popularity: June, Tammy, Terri, Lera, Margie. The photos show the dress designs Terri, Lera, and Margie, which are available in above the knees length, also known as mini. Our masters can make these dresses in the tea-length if you wish.

Ladies with pear or triangle body shape should have a look at dresses with puffy skirts that hide curvy hips. Karen is  a dress made from light and flowy materials for comfort and freedom of movement. The top of the gown is decorated with embroidery and appliques. Such a dress design will accentuate an elegant body shape. To create a feminine, romantic, sensual look try dress designs Denise or Lori. Sue and Vienna dresses look flirty. Selena gown creates an elegant look.

Girls with hourglass body type can choose dresses of any silhouette, including column dresses of a simple cut: Albina, Ada, Jenna. A floral pattern and vertical lines in decoration make a bride look taller and slimmer.

Tea-length dresses are made from materials of different types and textures: thicker fabrics like satin, mikado, jacquard; light and airy fabrics — chiffon, silk, organza, tulle, taffeta.

When choosing accessories, make sure that they suit the decoration of a gown and avoid abundance. If you’ve chosen a gown with a rich decorative trimming, then select tender, small accessories. If you’d like to emphasize the neckline, use a beautiful but not huge necklace. An outfit can be complemented by shoes, but only high heels will do. A dress made from a thin, flowy fabric will be great with flats. A nice belt will accentuate the waistline. Tea-length wedding dresses look great with beautiful, voluminous hairstyles, beehive, loose curly hair. Ribbons, flower buds, bands, hats can be used as decorative elements.


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